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Giant Scorpions are large arachnids, armed with a tough exo-skeleton made of chitin, a large pair of claws and specially with a long thin tail that is often curved over the back of the scorpion, with a stinger at the end of the tail that is used to inject venom, to kill prey and to defend themselves against enemies.

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Mihail Mods development report- deadly stingers

Giant Scorpions are large arachnids, members of the same family of spiders, mites and ticks. 
Scorpions’ most recognizable and obvious characteristics are the large pair of claws and
specially the long thin tail that is often curved over the back of the scorpion, with a stinger
at the end of the tail that is used to inject venom.
All arachnids share a well-known body characteristic; eight legs. In addition, arachnids lack
wings and antennae, which can also help identify them. Scorpions have an exoskeleton (external
skeleton) made of chitin, a tough, protective and flexible material, wich acts like a biological armor.
Smaller scorpion species can be found on every province of Tamriel, while the Giant Scorpion species (the one added by this mod) appears mainly on non-forest areas, and they’re most common in deserts and areas of hot, dry lands. They also appear on Swamps. This preferences make the Skyrim's population live
only in the swamps of Hjaalmarch, and the volcanic tundra of Eeastmarch. Fearsome predators,
scorpions have an impressive method for catching their grub. When hungry, a scorpion will
quickly grab its prey with its pincers, and then whip its stinger – the poisonous tip of their tail –
forward to sting and kill the doomed victim.

In fact, this amazing predators don’t only use their stings to kill their prey – they use it to
defend themselves against predators too. Whilst the venom of most scorpions is only powerful
enough to kill small creatures, the venom of a Giant Scorpion can be letal, with a sting strong
enough to kill a weak human. Thankfully, humans aren’t on the scorpion’s menu, and these
quirky critters will only attack if they feel threatened. 

Although a healthy and robust human or elf can survive a sting from one of them,
the pain inflicted is so intense that it can cause momentary paralysis, leaving the
victim exposed and defenseless to further attacks by the powerful stinger.

Commonly solitary, some groups of Giant Scorpions can be found eventually, with 3 to 4 individuals.

Another creature added by this mod, belongs to the insectoid family of which the Chaurus are its best known representatives. This family, which includes not only Chaurus but also Shellbugs (and possibly many others not so well known), has a type of insect similar to a scorpion, but which in fact has no connection with them. Known to scholars simply as Stingers, they have an anatomy similar to that of a scorpion by adaptation and convergent evolution, and their tails end in a double stinger. Although the ones commonly found in Falmer Hives and Blackreach are generally small and low in risk to adventurers, some falmer tents are adorned by giant carcasses of Stingers the size of Chaurus Reapers, if not larger. For the little that can be ascertained from this strange, aggressive and secluded society, the Falmers regard these giant Stingers as venerable creatures, and apparently they reside in the deepest caves where not even falmers generally dare to enter. Because of this, only small critters of the Stingers' species are added in this mod.

- 2 new creatures- giant scorpions and stingers
(with new sounds, effects, loot, etc)

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- giant scorpion model, textures, sounds, animations, effects, game implementation
stinger model (part was made using the scorpion-like tent added by dawnguard),
sounds, animations, effects, game implementation