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A Simple Dynamic Animation Replacer Conditional for Hand to Hand Blocking

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A simple (like really simple) dynamic animation replacer conditional for hand to hand blocking. 3rd person view only (couldn't get Zartar's 1st person file to work without some major issues). You will need DAR of course and it's requirements. It works when you're unarmed or with spells equipped in the lefthand with nothing equipped in the right if you're into that kind of thing.

Shields, torches or weapons equipped in the lefthand will continue to use vanilla animations or whatever you have installed.

You will also need a mod that allows you to block while unarmed such as this one, that one, this oldie, or the new kid on the block. As long as the mod triggers 1hm_blockidle.hkx, which I'm pretty sure they all about do.. it should work. If you want to see raised blocking fist in the 1st person, you'll need a first person view replacer mod. I use this.

Install as you would any other mod. Uninstall, whenever, without penalty. This mod doesn't use scripts or an esp slot.

Edit: The outfit my character Ganja is wearing is really just a mash up people, some parts of which I've edited the textures, the meshes and slots.
Aradia Kato - Top
Raikou - Forearm pads, belt and sash
Sotteta Necromancer Outfit - Cuisse/thigh wear
The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - Thigh armor
KuNeruNomu - Hipbag
Misfit Mage - Stockings
Egyptian Accessory - Rings and belly jewel

All credits for the H2H blocking idle animation goes to Zartar.. as I haven't the tools to do such
Thanks to Felisky384 for Dynamic Animation Replacer for making this idea conceivable
And to the SKSE team for their magic