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Got tired of the miserable Whiterun entrance? Well, this mod is for you.

This mod adds trees and buildings on the Path to Whiterun. It is a standalone mod, but it is intended to work with "Whiterun Outskirts Market" by "Varakz".

I have tested the mod and I am very pleased (I have 270+ mods), so I decided to share it.

Permissions and credits
After years of Skyrim no matter what, the entrance to Whiterun remais the same miserable path. We have great mods that enhance the city, but very few mods that bring life and BEAUTY on the path to Whiterun.

My first idea for the mod came from ArabianPrince's "Enhanced Whiterun and Entrance" (link -, it is a very old mod and not of great quality, but his change of the terrain made me try it. The nature of that mod made it incompatible with "Whiterun Outskirts Market" by "Varakz" so I decided to make my own mod that will be compatible (because I want NPC's on the path to Whiterun).

I am not a professional modder, so my mod had to be simple (but beautiful), I wish I knew how to make navmeshes for NPC's so I could make more content, but for now, this will do.



1. Extract into your data folder. (The mod requires only updated Skyrim).

2. (Optional) For more NPCs Install Varakz's "Whiterun Outskirts Market Patch - CTD and bug fix" (link -

3. (Optional) For the best visuals you need SKYRIM FLORA OVERHAUL (though it is not necessary).

4. If you want my full Whiterun solution check my other mod "Another Whiterun Patch" (link -

4. Safety? - I run 270+ mods, the game is stable.

5. Compatibility? I am unaware of any other mods that bring content specifically to the entrance of Whiterun (at least not on a scale worth downloading).

6. Uninstall?   ---   Delete  / lol


I would like to thank:

ArabianPrince   -   "Enhanced Whiterun and Entrance"   -    for the general idea of this mod.

varakz   -   "Whiterun Outskirts Market Patch - CTD and bug fix"   -    for fixing an old Whiterun Market mod.

HODILTON   -   For his visual solutions.



For anyone that would like to develop this mod further, you do not need to ask me for permission to use this mod. You have my FULL PERMISSION to do whatever you want with this mod, as long as you post it on Nexus.