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Immersive fonts for Skyrim SE UI, books, and letters.

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No more excuses for using the god-awful Skyrim vanilla UI fonts! This is an immersive fantasy realm and deserves quality fonts that emphasize the rich lore!

Legendary Edition | Special Edition

Typography for Skyrim provides new font replacements for Skyrim's UI, books, and letters. Included are eight very readable but lore-friendly fonts of which three are optionally usable by editing the fontconfig.txt:

  • Imperial Library (default used for UI)
  • Fertigo Pro (optional UI font)
  • Concat (used for console)
  • Morris (default used for books)
  • Golden Type (optional choice for books)
  • Kingthings Petrock (optional choice for books)
  • Galant Script (default used for letters and notes)
  • Regal Handwriting (optional choice for letters and notes)

In addition:
  • Futura Std (optional UI font for Vanilla look)

Install with your mod manager of choice. To use any of the optional fonts edit the included fontconfig.txt and comment/uncomment the ui/book/letter fonts as desired. Do not change any of the other font settings!

How to use with other font mods

All you have to do is edit the fontconfig.txt and add the font mod's SWF file as a font lib to the top entries. If the font SWF filename is the same you will have to rename it, e.g.:

; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Font Libraries
; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
fontlib "Interface\fonts_console.swf"
fontlib "Interface\fonts_en.swf"
fontlib "Interface\your_other_font_mod.swf"

Then you can use any of the fonts from the added font mod, e.g.:

map "$SkyrimBooks" = "NameOfYourAddedFont" Normal

To know the proper names of fonts you're adding you will have to look into the fontconfig.txt file of the font mod you've added.

Further Reading

Morris and Golden Type are authentic re-creations of classic roman fonts manufactured originally by William Morris of Kelmscott Press. The Morris font seems to be based on Troy and/or Chaucer typefaces. More info:

Paper textures on screenshots are from Books Notes Paper HD 2K.