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Adds a dawnguard dagger to the game (which does 30 extra damage to vampires)

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Adds a dawnguard dagger to the game (which does 30 extra damage to vampires).

Unique uniques mod is a requirement for the standard version! (massive credit to InsanitySorrow for that fantastic mod!), but if you don't have Unique Uniques in your load order, just use the optional file instead, it stands alone without need of the main file.

The Dawnguard Knight Dagger does extra damage to vampires, and it can be found mixed in with other dawnguard weapons (snoop around Fort Dawnguard to find one)

...It also could be the case that a certain well known court wizard from a certain well known central Skyrim hold may have gotten his hands on one of these coveted daggers for his studies, and has it laying around somewhere... but I know none of you would ever conceive of stealing something from his quarters, so I won't mention that. :-)

Oh, and special thanks to my wife for picking the model for this dagger! (as she says, "it looks very 'dawnguardy' :-D)

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