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Made by Kalahira Ported by smokeybear187

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Adds 51 new eyes including some blind & heterochromia variants for human males & females.

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DISCLAIMER: This mod is a modder's resource now. You are free to use them for your own mods, the only thing I ask - please mention that you used my assets and provide the links to my mods. I will likely no longer be updating or maintaining my mods, thank-you for all your kind words and awesome screenshots I do really appreciate it! (see below about additional perms regarding other modder's work used).

Port of my Skyrim SE Kala's Eyes Mod by the awesome smokeybear187

Please click on image as it is a gif that shows the eye colours or see original mod page for static photos.

Just a small collection of standalone eyes I made for my SSE characters and I thought I would share as I have had some interest in them. 

Please feel free to add your images I love seeing people enjoying my mods but keep them SFW as this file is not marked as adult and any NSFW images will have to be deleted. 

What is included:
This mod adds 56 new eyes including some blind & heterochromia variants for human males & females. Some eyes will glow depending on your ENB/lighting due to how pale they are. The eyes will use whatever normal and cube/environment map you have installed or the base games if haven't installed any.

You can manually copy them into your Skyrim data folder or use Vortex or NMM.

Delete Kala_Eyes.esp along with Kala folder under your texture folder.

11/06/2020- Update added under optional files, main file required, added 57 new eyes added including some albino/pale lash options 

Skyrim SE Mods used in Screenshots:
ENB: Ominous ENB
Lighting: ELFX
Weather: Obsidian Weathers & Seasons
Skin/scars: Are personal and have not been released yet.
Eyebrows: Brows

Recommended Mods: (These are Oldrim mods but they will work in SSE as they are just textures)
Ilygaid Eye Improver by zhoulia/MassiveMaster I prefer the Unity Normal & the Realism Cube Map 
Improved Eye Reflections & Cube Map by fadingsignal & Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave

Eyes of Aber by Aberin
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot/LogRaam