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Khajiit, Vampires and Werewolves ... any NPC who are assumed to use nigtheye ability get improved eyesight in dark.

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There are many great mods that give you super-rolefriendly-night-life. Realistic AI Detection, Enhanced Lights and FX, and Predator Vision - Vampire Werewolf and Khajiit... But if you use all of these mods, you might find yourself getting an excessive advantage -- you can use nighteye (all right, if you are a vampire, khajiit or werewolf) but enemy cannot (even they are vampires, ...).
This mod automatically applies NPC (Khajiits, vampires and werewolves) to ability that makes them 7999x eyesight (not hearing, so suppression spells are still effective) when they are in place whose light-level is under 100.
if you want to re-balance this mod for your modded environment, please edit (by TESVEdit or Creation Kit) magic effect of xx00BA2E.

This mod is compatible to Simply Vampire to Ashpile.

Ver1.5 Fix some bugs (mistakenly added player, some mod vampire (include modded Serana) cannot get ability) , and lower reference light-level from 100 to 55


Ver1.5 発動する光度を100から55に下げました。プレイヤーに効果が発現するバグとMODで導入された吸血鬼・MODで美化された吸血鬼に反映されないバグを修正しました。