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Turns magicka into a rage/ fury like mechanic (No Regeneration instead you Gain Magicka on Weapon Hits). Also, tries to improve the character progression of spell-sword style characters. Complete with a MCM to tweak and/ or disable many features.

Permissions and credits
It’s highly recommended to use this mod with a mod that makes your normal attacks cost Stamina and with high in combat stamina regeneration!

I recommend Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim:

More recommendations for mods that work well with this in the Quick Examples section!

SSE Version Link: Spellfury SSE

Lastest version of both:

What does it do?:
Spellfury does a few things:
  1. Primarily it provides a system where magicka is generated via landing melee hits instead of passively generated. Also decays while out of combat (Controllable via MCM)
  2. The amount magicka you gain on hit scales with both your maximum base magicka and your (right hand) weapon (Controllable via MCM)
  3. Applies a buff to Destruction magic that scales with your right hand weapon when you equip it. Not only does this make your weapon feel more important, It also makes spending your "rage" (magicka) feel better.(Can Disable)
  4. Adds a few new spells suited to Spellfury’s play-style that you earn by leveling up. (Can Disable)
  5. Provides a MCM to tweak/ disable things that you may not want. Even re-enabling magicka if you'd like to.

Why'd I make this?:
    Spell-swords in Skryim have some character progression problems. Three things in particular.

  1. Your weapon only affects your physical damage output and has no impact on how strong your spells are. For me, this led to me caring less about new weapons which is boring
  2. Normal mages can dual-cast or have 2 different cast spells equipped. Spell-swords can't do this because they only have 1 free hand, and can't even block (without mods).
  3. Normal Mages have loads of Magicka Regeneration because they are free to enchant for it. Doing this as a spell-sword comes at the cost of other enchants (fortify 1h/ 2h, Health, Stamina,  etc.) 
    I wanted to try to alleviate these issues with this mod.

Quick Gameplay examples:

    Combat Mods used in these videos, Highly recommended!:
  1. Critical Hit - Backstab and Parry in Skyrim for the dark souls like parry
  2. Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim for enemy AI and normal attack stamina costs\
  3. Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim and Lost Grimoire of Skyrim spells
  4. Skytweak to reduce the stamina recharge delay and buff the stamina rate (set to 1.2s delay and 450% StaminaRateMult)

Quick Demo(the typo in the Spellfury active effect is fixed)

High level example with NO MAGICKA DECAY out of combat

Low level example WITH MAGICKA DECAY out of combat

--> Things to Know: <--

  1. I wanted to promote good resource management between magicka and stamina, so by default magicka on hit only happens while ABOVE 10% stamina. You can disable this in the MCM.
  2. Spellfury is a perk that uses a combat hit spell entry point. This means that it could break a perk in a different perk overhaul mod. I was playing with SPERG and everything seemed fine, but if you encounter an issue let me know. In the future I would like to make different versions/ patches for popular perk overhauls
  3. It felt boring to always start combat off with a melee in order to cast something. So in order to improve the flow of combat and allow it to start off with a spell, as you level up you gain higher ranks of the Fading Fury passive ability. high ranks let you retain some magicka out of combat. You can set your rank/ disable this in the MCM.
  4. Technically works with ranged weapons as well.


  Install normally with NMM


  1.   Extract contents of the mod archive into the .../Skyrim/Data folder (readme not required)
  2. Load up the game
  3.  If you are loading an existing save WAIT FOR THE MCM TO LOAD. It can take a long time.
  4. For me it can sometimes take almost up to 5 mins.
  5. Add the perk with the MCM by checking the perk box. (Alternatively you can add the perk with the console you'll just need to re-equip you weapon to calculate your magicka gain on hit.)
  6. Go hit stuff
MCM Options:
    Through testing I realized that the mod needs to scale differently depending on a few factors. I have provided some presets in the MCM for
  1. Vanilla
  2. 5 attribute points per level
  3. Vanilla with Normal attack stamina costs
  4. 5 attribute points per level & Normal attack stamina costs
  5. Custom, for setting your own variables
I made this mod while in a play-through where I got 5 attribute points per level instead of 10 and where one handed normal attacks cost 25 stamina. The high level example video was with the character from that play-through. The presets I made are guesses at what felt right to me, but I only used preset 4 extensively. 

Spell Names:

  • Arcane Conversion: Converts stamina to magicka. Follows the 10% stamina rule unless disabled. Lvl 5
  • Arcane Conversion rank II: improved version of Arcane Conversion with a better stamina to magicka ratio and converts more stamina and
  • magicka per second. Follows the 10% stamina rule unless disabled. lvl 45
  • Concurrent invocation: Power. Converts a little stamina to a lot of magicka for a short time. Lvl 10
  • Potential Unleashed: Power. Increases the damage of destruction spells for a short time. Lvl 20
  • Quick Firebolt: Firebolt but no charge time. Lvl 25
  • Improved Incinerate: incinerate but the damage to magicka cost ratio isn’t as bad. In the base game Fireball is just a better spell
  • than incinerate in every way unless you were worried about friendly fire. Lvl 35
  • Perfect Incinerate: No charge time and better damage to magicka ratio. Lvl 50
  • Fading Fury: Drains magicka out of combat.
  • Fading Fury rank II/ III/ IV: Fading Fury, but lets you retain 35%/50%/75% magicka out of combat. You can set any or rank of Fading Fury or none with the MCM

Armor/ Weapon in Screen Shots:

For anyone that was curious.

If you want any of these spells without using the level up system type this into the console 

Help “{Name of spell here}”

Look for the SPEL id (looks like a string of numbers and letters) and type.

Player.addspell {spell id here}

And in case you need it the name of the spellfury perk is just Spellfury.