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Replace User Interface or HUD with look a like Bloodborne UI.

Permissions and credits
Requirement and install order :
1. Less Intrusive HUD II - Main files
2. Less Intrusive HUD II - FISS Patch -towatot
3. FISS 
4. CUIR DS UI Scaler (Optional. If you want the 3-mainbar growth .)
5. A Matter Of Time (Optional. If you want the time widget.)
6. Widget Mod (Optional. If you want the gold widget and carryweight widget.)
7. Souls Quick Menu (Optional. If you want the weapons-shout-potion widget. )

8. StatusHUDScalingCustomSettings.7z, from JDM Skyrim. Extract and copy file in folder number 75,
    to script folder inside 'CUIR DS UI Scaler' mod.

9. Main font, select one:
    - Font for Skyrim - Times New Roman or Centaur Font ( Optional. Main font that fit with clock & widget font. )
    - Font for Skyrim - Futura Condensed Light ( Optional. Main font that fit with vanilla font version. )
    - Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer ( Optional. Main font that fit with Sovngarde font version. ) 

10. This mod.

11. Load the preset for Less Intrusive HUD II, A Matter Of time & Widget Mod.

12. Apply these setting manual for Souls Quick Menu & SKY UI.
( This image include in the mod archive.)

Q: How to re-arrange Health bar, Compass, resize enemy health bar and more?
A: You can check and read PDF user manual from this mod.

English is not my native language and this is my first upload...
Sorry if I'm not descriptive enough.

Recommend mods:
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SkyUI Widgets Animated Black And White.

Mist and Fozar - Sovngarde Mist's Font.
elxdark - For reference and sample UI. Customizable UI Replacer.
Lavinge77 - Less Intrusive HUD II.
LordConti2 - FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script.
Skyamigo - A Matter Of Time.
CrEaToXx - Widget Mod
gotest - Script for Customizable UI Replacer DS theme for bar growth.
JDM - StatusHUDScalingCustomSettings.
khanthmue - For some the resources.