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Much improved, scratch-made billboards and config files for all trees in the base game and DLCs.

Permissions and credits

NifTools team for NifSkope
zilav for Tree LOD Billboard Creator
sheson for DynDOLOD


I really like vanilla trees. This is another step to make the most out of them. The available tree billboard resources had too many long-standing issues, so I decided to do something about it.

The main things I tried to fix/improve over existing billboard resources were:

  • inaccurate alphas with white outlines or other artifacts
  • off-center texture layout, causing doubled trunks
  • non-uniform lighting
  • inaccurate dimensions in the text config files
  • inaccurate offsets on the Z-axis, causing floaters
  • missing resources for some specific DLC trees

All trees were recaptured with the help of NifSkope and zilav's Tree LOD Billboard Creator. Special attention was given to lighting, perspective, and picking the most uniform side for billboard use. The output was then manually edited and rescaled in Photoshop. All billboard textures are centered on the trunk. Those that have no straight trunks are centered on the root.

All sizes and offsets for each tree mesh were remeasured in NifSkope for correct placement and matching dimensions for billboard and full model. Some references to the actual tree record were corrected, completely missing trees are now covered. A plugin is included in the archive that adds "Has Tree LOD" flags for a few trees (as statics) that were missing it.

The default brightness and saturation is tweaked for use with ENB, but as all billboards have neutral and matched lighting, this can easily be adjusted to match your setup with DynDOLOD's billboard brightness option.


Using Vortex - overwrite if asked. Using MO2 - put it below other mods containing these textures (higher priority).

The plugin just contains "Has Tree LOD" flags for 4 tree types that were missing it - I recommend to merge those few records.

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!