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Adds 2 rusted away swords based on museum artifacts to the draugr weapons.

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Ancient Draugr Swords is an annex of Bob's Armory.
This mod adds two old, deteriorating swords to draugr.

I'm still trying to salvage what's left of my content to finish up a viable update to Bob's Armory, so in the mean time I added these two ancient swords into the low draugr leveled list.

These can be tempered, but not crafted. They have to be found on draugr.

I made these just for a draugr I play and figured I'd get them up instead of waiting another year.

For those who like to do pattern welded swords, the textures from these may be of use.
As for the meshes.... umm... I'd say find something out of Bob's Armory to use instead of these rotting monstrosities lol. Or check out my tutorial videos on making swords.