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This mod allows you to hang any NPC which WILL result in their death.

Permissions and credits

This mod uses the Working Gallows Resource to hang NPCs and kill them by using an activator on the gallows and commanding the NPC to use it.

How Does it Work?

Very simple, just command an NPC and they will follow you to the gallows and then you can command them to use it. Normally, the only way to command an NPC is to make them a follower. But this adds a dialogue option that says "Stop right there!" and then "You shall hang!" Which will then send the NPC into a command state which then you can command them to use a gallows located in every hold capital.

Whiterun - Next to the well in the marketplace
Solitude - Stage where Roggvir was executed
Markarth - Near the mine on the docks where the small river is
Riften - In front of Mistveil Keep
Morthal - Next to the Jarl's House
Dawnstar - Outside the Inn near the main road
Falkreath - Middle of town near the Jarl's House
Winterhold - Next to the Jarl's House

Bugs/Things to Note

Do NOT exit out of the command state until they are dead, if you do, they will just stop doing the action and go about their business, stay in the command state until they die. Since the gallows and animations are not mine and only work through an activator, I can not hang dead NPCs because they do not interact with activators.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the activator to the gallows, it is generally in front of the main post (see pics). When you command someone to use it, sometimes they will go up to it and tell you they can't, just tell them again and it will work.

When the person dies it can sometimes look like they fall onto an invisible box, this is because there is a table that becomes visible/invisible and it always there usually so their body will sometimes fall onto it. This is from the original resource so I'm not sure anything can be done about it.

Since it is a command action state that you have to get NPCs to use the gallows they must be outside, if they are indoors they won't follow you outside. To fix this, just use any way you know of to move the NPC outside near a gallows. (You can use unimmersive console commands or find another mod that might help).

This WILL kill the NPC (should include essentials as well, I have essentials turned off in my game) so be careful who you decide to hang.


This only works with NPCs that are willing to speak with you, for example, if a bandit is trying to murder you, he won't give you the time to hang him.

Future Plans

Currently, you have the authority to hang anyone you want, I'd like to add requirements in the future that you have to meet in order to gain this power and maybe exclude people like Jarls and guards.


This mod is compatible with everything that does not mess with the areas the gallows are located. (If you have a mod  that changes the cities let me know and I'll work on making a version that is compatible with it.)


You must venture to the forbidden site to get some of these requirements...
All of Working Gallows Resource's requirements (you do NOT need to download the mod in the link, ONLY it's requirements FNIS and the ZaZ Animation pack)

(Mod might still work without these two, CK says its required but I am unsure if that is true)


Credit to d jans over on the forbidden site for making the resource and allowing anyone to do what they want with it!