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This mod adds dragon blood as a drop from dragons. You can drink it to gain a powerful boost to all three attributes, health, magicka, and stamina, as well as a resistance to both fire and frost damage. You can also use it to smith enhanced dragon armor, which has increased base armor value and a strong enchantment, and two special weapons

Permissions and credits
This mod adds 1 spell, 1 greater power, 1 passive ability, 2 weapons, dragon blood, and enhanced dragon armor.

The spell is a powerful drain spell that drains all three attributes, though takes a long time to charge.

The greater power in a powerful health boost and healing rate boost for a short time.

The passive ability makes you regenerate 5 health per second  and regenerate magicka and stamina 25% faster.

These can all be bought from vendors that sell spell books.

The 1st weapon is the Fang of Akatosh, a strong one-handed sword that can only be obtained through smithing it yourself, which requires Dragon Armor smithing.

The 2nd weapon is the Tongue of Akatosh, a powerful  bow that can only be obtained through smithing it yourself, which requires Dragon Armor smithing.

Dragon Blood is a powerful potion that boosts all three attributes and their regen speed and can be harvested from dead dragons.

You can use this new dragon blood, as well as other materials, to enhance your dragon armor, increasing its base armor rating and giving it a strong enchantment. Dragon blood is also needed to create the Fang of Akatosh and Tongue of Akatosh.

All weapons and armor added by this mod can only be smithed at the Skyforge on Whiterun.

Version 1.1.0
This version adds nerfs the base dragon blood (150 and +100% regen speed -> 100 and +75% regen speed) and adds different, specialized, versions of the dragon blood, such as a purely Health boosting blood potion (300 health and +225% health regen), which can be made from the basic dragon blood, and other ingredients, at a cooking pot (modding things like this to be made at an alchemy table are very difficult to do), and changes to some item names.

Version 1.1.1
This version reduces the base value of the dragon blood, to a little more than 1/10th the original value (around 9400 -> 1000), because they would originally be able to be sold for upwards of 5000 gold, even with a low speech skill.

Version 1.1.2
This version fixes a bug that crashes the game when attempting to generate dragon loot.

Version 1.2.0
This version adds an improvement to the passive (healing tripled while out of combat), a vendor that sells dragon bone, scales, blood, and the books, and a dragon blood poison.

To Do:
  • Fix naming errors/rename things for simplicity Done
  • Alternate versions of dragon blood: Dragon Blood Infusions (randomly determined when dropped, more effectively boosts a single attribute or grants a higher resistance) Done (randomly determined on drop caused the game to crash when attempting to generate loot)
  • Add screenshots of weapons and enhanced dragon armor Done

This mod uses all in game assets, and does not require any DLCs. I am unsure if this mod requires SKSE, but i would recommend it.

This mod should be compatible with any mod that adds different dragons or mods that change the drops of dragons. I tested this myself with the mods Diverse Dragons Collection 3 and Blood of the Wild (found on steam) and the mod worked perfectly fine for me.