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The Legendary graphics mod that everyone always talks about, but not really; The Retro Project, updated after 7 years!

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After 7 long years, I finally got around to updating this bad boy. To differentiate between this and the old one, I had to make a new mod page, as there are a host of new features.
 - Updated textures in the base game
 - Finally did the 2 DLC's! Especially check out Apcrypha!
 - Fixed the textures I missed the first time.
 - Seperated the cloud textures

 To use it, simply drop it in the texture folder.

 I would like to thank geminiking00 for pointing out that the Whiterun section was missing. That triggered something in me to finish this thing. My sister also did the Normal maps, saving me alot of frustration and time.
 A couple of things:
 1. First and foremost, this will NOT speed up your Skyrim. The textures were not shrunk, I simply uprezed the 8-bit sprites to fit the normal textures
 2. I seperated the Clouds from the main mod, as they were a relic of my old version. I still think they look kinda neat, so they are a seperate download. They do not replace the Soul Cairn or other area's clouds.
 3. I seperated the weapons and armor as well. These were done by cebius2, who I worked together with. I dont know how he fixed the normal maps, but I do still like them, so here they are!
 4. I do not plan on doing the objects or anything else. If somethings wrong, I will only fix that if reported.
 I will actually keep up on the comments, so if somethings missing or if you want to add something, post it!