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This mod added a new perk to the Ordinator pickpocket skill tree, which allowed you to steal any book in game without Committing crime.
Also provide a No-Perk-Need Version for those who don't use Ordinator.

Permissions and credits

Attention! This Mod features require SKSE to run!

What this mod does?

Are you a fanatic book collector likes me who just can't stop taking every books you had seen in the game? But on the same moment, you are bothered by the fact that many books inside the game are belong to other npc. 
That means there are books you must steal if you want to own them, but you are not a skillful theft or you don't want to be a theft.

Well , if that is your dilemma then this mod should give you some help. It simply add a perk called "Innocent Nerd" to the pickpocket skill tree, the perk will birngs you the speical ability of "Steal the book you are reading will not commit crime, the stealing this time will not record into the crime stats." 
Therefore, Once you unlock this perk you can take any book you want without commit cirme in the game.

For the No-Perk-Need Version, you would gain the ability once you enter the game.

How to Install?

For Perk-Need Version User:

(1) Install Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim first

(2) Download and Install the mod with mod manager.

(3) Load the esp of my mod after Ordinator, the load order should be:

       Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp

For No-Perk-Need Version User:

Download and Install the mod with mod manager.

Compatibility issue:

For Perk-Need Version:

(1) incompatible with all the mods that incompatible with Ordinator.

incompatible with mods that modify the pickpocket skill tree except Ordinator.

For No-Perk-Need Version User:

Should compatible with any other mod.

Credit : 

EnaiSiaion : mod depend on his ordinator.