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Dragon Hall is a DLC size Quest Mod that is designed for RPGing! Careful attention was paid to visual/sound aesthetic for immersion! New Lands/Quest's/NPC's/Followers/Weapons/Armor/PlayerHomes/Items/Potions/Food/Drinks/Scrolls/Enchantments/Spells/JokeBooks/InsultBooks and more!

Permissions and credits
Skyrim LE Mod Name: Dragon Hall
Version: 6
Author: KnightRangersGuild
Mod Rating: 18+ Violence/Zombie Nudity/Suggestive Drugs and Alcohol.

I made this mod years ago and was waiting on permissions and ended up forgetting about it.
I have since excluded those files and am finally glad to bring you the mod I worked so hard on for several years!
I'm really sorry for forgetting about it because it would've been great to release it back when Skyrim was still widely played.
So without further ado I bring you "Dragon Hall" or Dragon Hall vs The Dark Labyrinth or Adventurers, Bastards and Brigands, as it used to be called.
This mod is made for RPGing and is designed and written for the ultimate RPG experience! Dragon Hall is a huge hall with everything from bards to games to the indoor arena! Special attention paid to visual/sound aesthetics for immersion! Some item's, weapon's and armor can only be obtained through questing or exploring!
                    You think this is just a normal hall? Think again! Prepare to rediscover Skyrim with one of the best RPG mod's ever made!

This Mod Offers...

1. New Land's to explore!
2. Huge outdoor dungeon/Labyrinth based on a real 5000 year old Druid Maze!
3. A real treasure hunt! Solve the riddle and follow the scalp treasure map to find "The Treasure of Ericles"!
4. A huge hall built for RPGing, complete with an arena, shop's, Bard's, entertainment, gaming area, food/drink,
    sleep, even get your fortune read by a Soothsayer or check the notice board for open contracts!
5. Indoor Arena! Matches most of the day, evening matches are better and weekend matches are special event's!
6. Ton's of weapons/Armors for male/female/weight slider!
7. Ton's of New Items/Potions/foods/Drinks/Scrolls/Enchantments/spells/books/joke books/insult books!
8. Many items are movable or can be picked up and collected! Even some chair's, barrel's and other normally static item's!
9. Destructible walls and some barrel's and building's!
10. Tons of NPC's/Enemies and Unique followers with unique weapons and armor!
11. Large scale battles!
12. A castle siege!
13. An amazing soundtrack!
12. Amazing aesthetic detail fit for an RPGer!
13. Sound aesthetic detail!
14. New player homes!
15. Become leader of the Knightrangers Guild, complete with a ranking system and duties!
16. Fully and professionally Navmeshed for your follower's, even The Dark Labyrinth!
17. Lot's of Idle Markers for your sandboxing and RPGing needs!
18. Real fortunes based on real astrological event's/constellations and planet alignment, converted to Skyrim! Also for your RPGing needs!
19. All the writing/story telling and quest's are all done by me!
20. Some of the art is done by me!
21. A good amount of textures and some models are done by me!
22. Lore Friendly Easter Eggs!
23. Unique item's like a Usable Spyglass, powder bombs with 9sec fuses, Grapple blots with climbable rope attached...
24. Followers and NPC's all have schedules and jobs and homes, some even go adventuring!
25. Followers have tomb's or grave's their belonging's go into when they die! Most of which are located
      in the Knightrangers Guild "Hall of the Fallen" and some are in different locations depending on where they may live.
26. Unlockable new transportation!
27. Unlockable Mercenaries for hire!
28. Gain enough Prestige to unlock the main quest!
29. Win trophies from gaming, arena blood sports, contracts!
30. Almost nothing is in the game world until quest's are activated!
31. Almost fully stand alone for maximum compatibility!
32. Many Witcher Light and Heavy armors have been redone and made male/female versions and work with Skyrim 0 to 1 weight!
      There is also Universal Witcher Plate Armor that fits over almost all Witcher armors and clothes, male or female! Check Screenshots!
33. Quest's give you Prestige, if your famous enough then the main quest will start! (Sorry, had to leave this script out. The main quest will start shortly after the contracts are done on the notice board.)

This mod is huge so I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but you get the picture!

Start Quest
To start the quest you can wait to get invited or find an Invitation to Dragon Hall Tavern!
There's 6 to 9 locations of the note, the easiest being the one in the Riverwood Inn, on the bar.
Read it and the quest to find Dragon Hall will be activated, or you can just find it! Once you find Dragon Hall,
you are free to do what you want! You can go to Dragon Hall at any level but these quest's are challenging and
you should be a decent level, 12 or something!

Lore Friendly Meter
95% Lore Friendly

Skyrim Legendary Edition or all the DLC's
Also you will need SSME because this mod allocates more virtual memory than the game allows.
It's just a simple dll file. However SSME may not be needed anymore since I optimized it.
That's it!
I will be converting it to Skyrim Special Edition ASAP!

To Install
1. This should work fine with NMM or your favorite mod organizer.
2. Manual download- Extract the files using 7Zip, then add the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim

To Uninstall
1. Use a Mod Manager.

2. Manual- In data files, Uncheck and delete, then you need to delete everything that came with this mod then do this.... examine
the contents of the whole mod folder and delete all
the corresponding files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim

1. This mod is specifically made for RPGing and fun, special attention was paid to sound/visual aesthetics!

2. The questing is a little different as the only voice acting is vanilla, and you will get a "NEW JOURNAL ENTRY" message each
time you progress in a quest, so take your time and read your journal entries for more story immersion!

3. When you get to Dragon Hall, make sure your music is on and volume about half way or a little less for best results! Don't want
to drowned out to much! The band and bard music is separate from the soundtrack and can be turned off or change song via small lever under sign!(Had to exclude this feature because it was causing CTD.)

4. Sorry this mod is not completely finished because I made this mod years ago but fear not it is 90% done, even the quests are done for the most part,
except I'm planning on changing the "Necrolock" quest. The Dark Labyrinth is not fully complete but it's hardly noticeable.
I will try to finish it if people really like it.

5. You can enjoy Dragon Hall at any level but this mod is challenging and you should probably be at least a level 12 and have some
companions with you before you take any open contracts!

6. If the arena matches go to long, you can always pull the arena lever and drop them into the "Pit of Death", where they will be devowared alive by a
big nasty beasty! Careful not to wind up in there yourself!

7. Don't be surprised if you see NPC's that are sometimes enemies, Dragon Hall is a Neutral Location and fighting is prohibited, (except in the
arena of coarse!) so don't go starting trouble or may find yourself in a crows cage!

8. There's no order in which to do the quest's but if you want easiest to hardest, it goes like this... Necrolock, Dead Men's Tale, Crossout,
Battle for Saarthal, Under Siege, Band of Brigands...

9. Some quest's can be done in conjunction with the related vanilla quest and makes for a better story but you don't have to.

10. Upon entering Dragon Hall, you may notice you aren't facing the right way, this is to prevent CTD do to a lot of files being loaded.
If you have a good PC it won't matter but I wanted people with not so good PC's to enjoy the mod too!

11. If you have trouble getting to Dragon Hall for whatever reason you can use console... CoC ABB_DragonHallExterior01 or CoC ABB_Dragon Hall
Here are some point's of interest you can check out before you start the mod but they would kinda be a spoiler.
COC ABB_KnightrangersGuild_Garden

Play The Game by Amber Moon
Warcraft Harald Fultimyer
Good Find Baldurs GateII
Runatal Danheim & Sigurboi
The Brides Dracula
Lost In The Darkness by Nox Arcana
Night of the Wolf by Nox Arcana
Sanctuary Of Shadows by Nox Arcana
Labyrinth Of Dreams by Nox Arcana
Nordic Viking Music by Otrodinn
The Hunt Builds Dracula
The Beginning Part3 Dracula
Minas Photo Dracula
Legend of the Unicorn Legend
Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt
Space of Peace Merlins Magic
Nature Spirits
Secret Fountain
Song of Elune Extended
Ashos Two Worlds
Nerevar Rising Morrowind Title Song
Promentory by Trevor Jones
O'Fortuna by Carmina Burana
Riddle of Steel by John Milius
Baldurs Gate
The Mystics Dream Part1 by Loreena McKennitt
Foggy Dew The Chieftins & Shenade O'Connor
Book Of Shadows by Lorenna McKennitt
Skalds & Shadows by Blind Guardian
Federkleid by FAUN
Migla Migla Rasa Rasa by Kings & Beggars
Vamp Hunters Mix Dracula
The Green Mist Dracula
Walpurgisnacht Slowed by FAUN
Sparrow PotC
Highwayman by Loreena Mckennitt
The Mystics Dream Part2 by Loreena McKennitt
Pirates of the Flying Fortress 3 Two Worlds II
Writing on the Rocks by Katie Knight & Kristana Loken
Beyond the Night Stargate Atlantis

Thanks to Bethesda Team for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
Thanks to Stroti ~
Thanks to Runspect ~
Thanks to Oaristys ~
Thanks to VectorStock ~
Thanks to Shutterstock ~
Thanks to Graphics Factory
Thanks to StudioCD Projekt RED
Thanks to Th3WICK3D1
Thanks to lordOfwar
Thanks to jovicaaa
Thanks to Apachii
Thanks to Isilmeriel
Thanks to MihailMods
Thanks to Tamira
Thanks to Caliente
Thanks to AlphaWolf
Thanks to Queued
Thanks to Roadstroker
Thanks to DRSoupIII
Thanks to Lord Haun
Thanks to Favoredsoul

Many resources are redone or changed or improved upon and from free to use resources or fully by me, so you will
have to give the appropriate credit! The one's that are not I got permission to use or change.
I worked very hard and this mod took a few years to make so please do not upload anywhere else without my permission
and consider Endorsing and Donating, thank you.
If you want to use these modals or textures in your mod just ask first and give credits. I will eventually allow
anyone to use them without asking but credit and link still must be given.

Tool's Used
Skyrim Creation Kit
Wrye Bash
A pencil
An eraser
A smartphone
A computer
The internet
An artistic, creative mind

KnightRangersGuild on Skyrim Nexus or [email protected]