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Add npcs and followers of the Khajiit Alfiq variant to the cold province of skyrim

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Creatures of Nirn : Khajiit Alfiq 

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Alfiq are born when Masser is decreasing and Secunda is full,
they rarely travel outside of Elsweyr due to the lack of respect of being confused with domestic cats
, although their small size has helped caravans as scouts.
Some Thalmor use them to impersonate domestic cats to serve as information collectors.
Alfiq wears clothes, but since they are unable to wear them naturally, they make others do it for them or use magic to dress.

where to find them

You can find some Alfiq in the Khajiit caravans, the college of winterhold and the thieves' guild.

Additional information I think

At this moment the mod is in beta and i will be updating over time.
I really like the lore of the creatures of Elder Scrolls especially the beast races, I would also like to have seen more diversity in skyrim.
I took as inspiration the Alfiq seen in ESO Elsweyr, small, intelligent extremely versed in magical arts and similar to domestic cats with the ability to speak tamrielic, the Alfiq have great potential to be really interesting characters.
It took me a week and some headaches but I managed to discover how to add facial expressions to a non-playable creature.

I thank Carrie Talbot for covering the mod :)
link to Russian translation by RaiderKrus