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My second main menu replacer, this time a Witcher themed one with artwork and music

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Hey everyone

I made my first "mod" about a month or so ago called Fantasy Forest Main Menu Replacer with Music, and people seemed to like it enough that it ended up on hot mods, which was awesome.

What with the Witcher Netflix show getting more popular, I thought I would make a main menu replacer that was Witcher themed. It's got its own artwork and music, as all my main menu replacers will have.

The artwork is by the super talented Alena Aenami, who creates some super dope stuff. Please check out her ArtStation and take a look at her other work, she makes really great stuff in a really cool style. Like I can't stop praising her art, it's just got this really cool flow to it and her colorwork is amazing.

The music is of course the popular song "Toss A Coin To Your Witcher" by composers Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli. Check out their SoundCloud profiles, as well as the song itself

Bruh just install it with a mod manager like any sane person does nowadays

Just uninstall like any other mod, and you should be good

Why is this even a section this is a main menu mod, it should be good with anything unless you're using another main menu mod of course.

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These are some mods that I feel go well with mine

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Main Font Replacement by Valistar (I personally use the Centaur font in my gameplay)


Thanks for checking out my mod! =]