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A Main Menu image and music replacer, my first ever "mod".

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This is my first "mod", go easy on me, heh.

Basically what this mod does is replace the default Skyrim Main Menu image of the Imperial Dragon with a fantasy forest/tree that I liked. The artist is Ferdinand Ladera on Deviantart. Thanks to Romearci for finding the author.

It also replaces the music with a song by the extremely talented Vindsvept, who's channel includes a ton of insanely good instrumental/fantasy music that you guys have probably heard one place or another. I highly suggest checking out his channel and seeing his other works.

I'm also open to requests so if you guys would like a different type of music/specific track let me know in the posts tab and I'll try to make another version for yo. The same goes for artwork, as long as it's high res enough to no look super pixellated on fullscreen.

Bruh just install it with a mod manager like any sane person does nowadays

Just uninstall like any other mod, and you should be good

Why is this even a section this is a main menu mod, it should be good with anything unless you're using another main menu mod of course.

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Thanks for checking out my mod! =]