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An archaeological expedition sought the treasures of Sondenheim, the subterranean citadel. This being Skyrim, their adventure naturally ended in tragedy, and the survivors warn against setting foot inside the ruin. However, they weren't Dragonborn, so go ahead and pillage the tomb for fun and profit.

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is a short adventure that takes the player through a Nordic burial complex, and through the secret depths uncovered by the ill-fated adventurers who first began the excavation. It is intended to be playable by lower-mid level characters, but may be challenging if entered at a very low level. 

The entrance can be found in the Reach by travelling west from the Shrine of Peryite. Alternatively, one can simply use the enter the console command "coc _Sondenheim" to teleport right to the start. 

This mod requires the Dawnguard expansion, as it uses some scenery from that pack. It only adds the dungeon, so it should not conflict with any other mods unless they modify the world near where I've placed the entrance.

Screenshots were taken using Poupouri ENB.