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Updated: 18/06/2015 - 09:26PM

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Poupouri - Cinematic ENB

Updated version can be found HERE

This is a cinematic ENB preset intended for use with ELFX by anamorfus and Dark Dungeons For ENB by mindflux and is not compatible with Climates Of Tamriel, RLO, or other lighting mods.

I made this preset from a few files from other amazing ENB presets, on top of my own tweaks, to give Skyrim a more grim, moody, and atmospheric feel.
This ENB was originally intended for personal use but since I have yet to release anything, I thought I would contribute to the nexus community.
The nights are not too dark, but torch friendly for a realistic feeling night.
Shadows creep heavily in dimly lit places.
The days are bright, but the bloom is not blinding.
A cold sort of vibe.


Step 1
Download the 0.168 or 0.19x or 0.20x binary file HERE and extract/drop the wrapper version d3d9.dll into your skyrim folder

Step 2
Download the content found in the files section of this page and drop into your skyrim folder, overwriting any duplicate files.

Step 3

First Seed Edition

Morning Star Edition

Unfortunately I will not be able to update or maintain these files, as I am a full-time game design student.
I hope that you will enjoy the files I have given you as is.
Maybe leave an endorsement ;)



For his effect, bloom, and sunsprite base files


For the DOF file


For his Raindrop file


Three-way thank for the palette, awww yeah

Tansarville for bringing it to my attention

Trilville for creating it

Midhras for tweaking it

and of course Boris Vorontsov <3

As far as permissions go I am not allowing a reupload of any kind. So don't ask. You'd be better off asking any of the greats who gave me permission.