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This replaces the original Wintersun esp with my edits to the Animal Gods worship, or the Old Ways, to save on your load order.

Permissions and credits
This makes changes to how you worship the Old Ways of Skyrim and how it's described. It also gives you a little insight to the lore of the Ancient Nordic Pantheon in the effects description for each of the God's Aspects. Sort of like Dark Souls in a way.

Animal Gods changed to Ancient Nordic Gods.

Bear changed to Tsun.

Fox changed to Shor.

Wolf changed to Mara.

Snake changed to Orkey.

Owl changed to Jhunal.

Hawk changed to Kyne.

Moth changed to Dibella.

Whale changed to Stuhn.

Dragon changed to Alduin. (Yes, you actually worshipped Alduin in the original Wintersun if you followed the Old Ways)

Taken from the description of Wintersun, but with my edits:

The Old Ways

Requirements to follow: Nord (You cannot worship the Old Ways as a Breton anymore. However, I'm always willing to change if it follows the lore.)
Racial starting deity for: none (Unchanged)

“Slay all who stand in your way. Absorb the souls of Dragons. Assume our powers through prayer. Nords are most deserving of our favor.”
  • Shrine blessing - Animal Slayer: Deal 15% more attack damage and critical damage against animals.
  • Follower - Totem Worship: Pray while sacrificing 100 gold worth of gemstones to assume the powers of an Ancient Nordic God.
  • Devotee - Dragon Cult: Able to assume the powers of Alduin. Costs 2% favor per hour.

You need the Wintersun bsa to be able to run this mod. I recommend to get version 3.0.1 of the bsa, as the esp comes from 3.0.1. I do not know if using a bsa from previous or future versions of the mod will work. You can download Wintersun version 3.0.1 in the Old Files section of the mod page.

Through a mod manager, when it asks to replace mod from Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim, say yes to mod.
Manually, just move the esp to data folder, and overwrite the esp of Wintersun.
If you're installing mid-playthrough, make sure that your character is not worshipping the Old Ways beforehand.

To uninstall, delete or replace this esp with the original Wintersun esp if you just don't like my edits.

If anyone runs into any problems such as typos and such, please let me know.

Credits and Source:
EnaiSiaion for the Original Wintersun Mod. for the information of the Ancient Nordic Pantheon.