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Silt Striders are gargantuan arthropods native to Morrowind. They have stilt-like legs, and a body resembling the curved and armored body of a flea. They are a resilient species whose tough carapace helps them survive the adverse environment of the province. The Dunmer domesticated the gigantic arthropods long ago, using them for transportation.

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

"A Silt Strider carapace is so strong it can withstand the harshest of weather.
Even the legendary sandstorms of Vvardenfell's Molag Amur Region
were said to barely make a dent in them. Of course, that's all ash now."

Silt Striders are gargantuan docile arthropods native to Morrowind. They have stilt-like legs, and a body resembling the curved and armored body of a flea. They are a resilient species whose tough carapace helps them survive the adverse environment of the province. The Dunmer domesticated the gigantic arthropods long ago, using them for transportation throughout Vvardenfell and the mainland of Morrowind. 

Silt Striders are used primarily as a means of civilian transport in an elaborate network stretching between various cities on the island of Vvardenfell and Morrowind. Having no natural cavities in which passengers may safely repose, a compartment is hollowed from the creature's chitinous shell, wherein both passengers and their luggage are loaded. The Silt Strider itself is then moved by direct manipulation of exposed organs and tissues by its driver, commonly known as a caravaner. Apart from the transportation of passengers, Silt Striders are also employed in the shipment of trade goods. Each Silt Strider has a driver, or caravaner, that navigates the Silt Strider to its destination. All caravaners in Morrowind are Dunmer.

Wild Silt Striders can be clearly distinguish by the simple fact that they have not carved backs.
Due to their gigantic size, and extremely hard, almost impenetrable, exoskeleton, Silt Striders have no natural predators and can't be harmed. (i followed the concept from morrowind, and on skyrim's vanilla Silt Strider, so they can't take damage, be killed, or affected by combat around them. Enemies commonly also do not try to attack them, and if they try, a silt strider will ignore them. They are in this mod basically ambient creatures)

  Silt Striders survived the Ash Blight that almost exterminated many of Vvardenfell's native creatures, such as the Cliff Strider. Their numbers would however dwindle due to the coming of the Red Year, when the eruption of the Red Mountain killed most of them in Vvardenfell and destroyed their native habitat on the island. Despite that, they are still pretty common on mainland.

Revus Sarvani, the owner of the only tammed Silt Strider on vanilla game, mentions that Silt Strider cocoons are extremely tough. He also mentions that the eruption of Red Mountain in the fifth year of the Fourth Era wiped most of them out on the island but he found a cocoon from where the female Silt Strider was born. Named Dusty, she served as companion and beast of burden for the dunmer untill she got too old and no more can serve to work, now she's passing away, or this is at last what her owner believes.

What is known for certain is that her loud calls attracted a mating male of unknow origin, and now he's wandering Solstheim, on the south ash covered portion of the island, commonly courting around the female, or roaming the now ash covered pine forests. He is a wild silt strider, since his back is intact, so he never was used as beast of burden.

No one knows from where he came, but Neloth claims he transplanted a few silt striders when he arrived on Solstheim (Neloth: "It is the only place where silt striders can be found. Although I managed to transplant a few here when I arrived."), but its unkown if they survived. Also Neloth's steward, Varona Nelas, or later Drovas Relvi, mention silt strider traders bringing goods to Tel Mithryn regularly, probably from the mainland (Drovas/ Varona: "Master Neloth, the silt strider traders just dropped off some supplies.") So he could have followed them too, or simply be a new animal purchased from them by Neloth or by other person on Solstheim.

It is possible to find silt strider remains, in the form of an empty shell, close to Fort Frostmoth, it can be one of the silt striders brought by neloth that do not survived, on the first years of his arrival, what is indeed strange due to their natural resistance.

- 1 new ambient creature, silt strider,
with new sounds and behaviour

- silt strider remains as ambient objects

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

------------------------ A LAST NOTE -------------------------

 As you all know, Skyrim is a very limited game with big collision problems. Silt Striders are much larger animals than any vanilla creature, and they need a lot of space to move without hitting objects in their path. There is only one Silt Strider added by this mod, and it follows a very specific and detail-oriented walk/patrol through the southern part of the island, yet sometimes it collides into objects and gets stuck for a while, basically when because game limitations she moves away from the planned trail, its rare to happen, but may happen sometimes . So, I don't advise you to use this mod if you use mods that add new scenery elements to the island like more trees and more mushrooms, as they can get in the way and make Silt Strider wandering more difficult. Also, as i mentioned, be aware that sometimes the creature's movement bugs a bit due to the terrible limitations of the game engine.


Mihail- well, i used the vanilla tammed silt strider model as base to make my own.
Mine has not carved back, and obviously was remodeled to be able to be animated

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

Phiit- i used the empty dead silt strider shell made by him as an ambient object on this mod