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0.81 Update (Friendly Mode for Multiplayer Version) (with video) out now!

A demo of a future RTS mod we are going to release in 2020.

The mod centers around introducing RTS elements into Skyrim with a Campaign - as well as separate battle 'modes'/maps.

Permissions and credits
Thanks to John Papadopoulos for covering our demo!

Change Log:


Introduces 'Friendly Mode' for the Multiplayer Version.
Friendly Mode allows players to build their RTS bases and raise an army in cooperation with one another, rather than fighting each other.
This mode is to make up for the VS. Mode for Multiplayer, and it's bugs that cannot been ironed out right now.
Also contains two new factions.
The Bandit Faction which features a Naga Bowman, a Pahmar Thug, and a tamed Cyclops.
The Undead Faction which features a Lich (Mage), Fogling (Archer) and Zombie (Infantry)
You can build/farm/recruit with the Bandit & Undead Factions alongside the Imperials and Stormcloaks.
You can also have animals/non humanoids follow you. Just talk to them and exit the conversation. You can say goodbye to them at any time to send them home.


Multiplayer Version:

Console Commands -

VS. Mode:

coc 0impmpstart
coc 0scmpstart

Friendly Mode:

coc 1impmpfrstart
coc 1scmpfrstart
coc 1banmpfrstart

Vs. Mode -

You will have to craft scrolls for building and unit spawning instead of using activators.

Stormcloak Side needs you to be a Nord for building and unit scrolls to work. Imperial side needs you to be an Imperial.

If you wish, you can add the Infantry/Rebel as a follower, give them a
command fork, and then make them unfollow you. They will then execute
the command (Move To Enemy Base).

Resources are available in the initial resources barrel just in case.

RTS Campaign (Single Player):

Defeat all applicable humanoids in Riverwood.

Use the shrine outside the entrance of Riverwood to add them to your empire.

Now they will be respawned (and thus apart of your new and growing empire). Most will be available as followers.

Other Notes:

Obviously this is just a demo, but this will be our secondary project for 2020.

We hope to implement everything fully and expand on our ideas. Things like upgrades, more buildings and objects to build, mining resources, destructible buildings, cutscenes etc.

Feel free to let us know what you think, and/or report back with any issues concerning functionality.

Installation is done by simply dragging and dropping our esp/folders into your Skyrim Special Edition Data Folder.

For Multiplayer -

Needs Skyrim Together (It's free) (Public Servers are available for all)

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Private servers -

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Demonstration Videos


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