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This is a ring I made due to the fact that there are no powerful magic buffing items in the base game. It gives the player a 50% destruction magic buff. Hopefully it looks good, enjoy everyone!

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The Eye of Akatosh was created when a shard fo the Amulet of Kings was set into a gold ring by a certain Champion of Cyrodiil, rumoured to be the one who assisted Martin Septim in the battle against Mehrunes Dagon. It has found it's way into the hands of the Mede Emperors, who have kept it as an heriloom ever since.

The gem, being a part of the Chim - el - Abadal, is naturally very powerful. However as only a fragment of the original, only keeps a part of the power. Many of the Mede family have secretly become skilled destruction mages due to the help of the ring...