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By pressing a custom hotkey, you can meditate waiting just likes in Witcher 3.

Allow you replacing the vanilla Dummy-like standing waiting mode with Witcher meditation waiting mode!

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The SE Vesion is here :

Attention! This mod function required Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS  and  SkyUI to run!

What this mod does?

Are you tired of the vanilla Dummy-like standing waiting mode? Ever want to replace it with a more immersive way? Ever want to have a Witcher-like meditate waiting mode in Skyrim?

Well, this mod is made just for that! By pressing a custom hotkey, your actor would enter meditation automatically, the waiting menu then will show up automatically after you sitting. After closing the waiting menu (waiting or cancel waiting), your actor would then stand up automatically, whole thing working is exactly likes in Witcher 3!

You can see these demo video below:

V1.11 Update Contents:

  • Added a Sleep Option in the MCM Menu, allow you turn the meditate waiting into meditate sleeping by checking the "Sleep Meditation" box.
  • Added more tips tell you why you can't enter meditation.
  • Allow you to disable the meditate hotkey function by setting the hotkey to "ESC"
  • Disable your ability to switch to 1st person during meditate in order to prevent the possible that cause meditate fail.

How to Install?

First of all, Make sure you already install the  Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS  and  SkyUI .

Secondly, Download the mod file and install it with Mod Manager.

Thirdly, Run GenerateFNISforUsers and update FNIS behavior.

Last step, Enter the game and open MCM menu. Set the hotkey you want but remember don't use the same hot key with other control.

Other thing you may need to know:

1.  The conditions required to enter meditation:   

(a) All the conditions the vanilla game waiting needs, including not in combat, not swimming, not falling, player control available etc.

(b) Additional Conditions: not sitting in chair, not in horseback, not weapon drawn and not transformed to werewolf or vampire lord.
      you can only use the original waiting key to wait if you became werewolf or vampire lord.

2.  When you are meditating, don't touch the vanilla waiting menu open key, otherwise it may cause the meditate fail.

3. You can replace the vanilla waiting mode by set the meditate hotkey to the original waiting menu open key, and then set the original waiting menu open key into a useless key on your keyboard. 

4. You must disable the "Save on Rest" in settings if using meditate sleeping.

Compatibility Issue:

Although this mod added  a new animation in game, all the hkx file the animation used are all came from the orignal game hxk file. Therefore, It should compatible with any body replacer mod.

Known Issue:

When using Gamepad, the waiting menu will not show up  automatically when you meditate, you have to type the key by yourself. This is the issue cuased by the SKSE script function defect, no one can fix it except SKSE Develop Team currently.


Just delete all files.


麻雀梅莉葛德 for help me taking photos.

pht88 for help me filming a demo video.

fore 's  Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS

's  SkyUI

Special Thanks: