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Candoran2 - backported by Zebsi

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Improves the finding of wedding guests to make them more personal, or you can invite your own.

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This mod does two things:
  • First of all, it changes the finding of the guests for your wedding. Where previously it was random from any people with a positive disposition towards you or your spouse, it now works off a priority system, trying to invite whoever is closest to you or your spouse first. This means, for example, that your children will always be invited if you have any.
  • Secondly, it allows you to invite your own wedding guests if you want to, rather than letting the algorithm find them. This means that after the objective "Speak to Maramal about arranging your wedding" is displayed, but before it is completed, you can invite people to your wedding. These will be your guests, as your spouse will invite their own, so you can only invite three people. Make them count! If you made a mistake in inviting someone you can un-invite them, though they won't be happy. You can invite and then un-invite someone as many times as you like, and you can only invite someone with a positive opinion of you.
After talking to Maramal and him telling you the wedding will be the next day, wait 30-60 seconds until you start the actual wedding if you want to make sure the system has had time to process everything.

This mod should be compatible with almost anything, except mods that change the aliases of the RelationshipMarriageWedding quest and a mod that changes the stage of the vanilla "The bonds of Matrimony" quest. It contains only one overwrite of a story manager node.

Install with a mod manager or unzip into your data folder and activate the esp.

As with all mods, uninstallation is not recommended on an active save. However, since almost everything shuts down after the wedding, there should be no issues.

All credit goes to Candoran2, the author of the original mod.