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A simple plugin that removes all instances of the playing character groaning and moaning during combat. It takes inspiration from other similar mods, but also covers out-of-breath scenarios caused by low stamina (blocking, sprinting and so on).

Permissions and credits
A plugin that mutes all instances of groans, moans and heavy breathing the playing character does during combat.
I took inspiration from the extremely valid Silenced Player Combat by igli that does it in a very simple way (by adding a not-player condition to the various dialogue topics triggering the sounds).

Why yet another mod of this kind?
Simply put: none of the existing mods covers really ALL istances of groans, moans and heavy breathing the PC does (for example: attempting a block with no stamina), so i thought of sharing it.
It took me a bit of tinkering but i think i finally managed to spot all of them. Great for those of you who simply want a completely silent character for no specific reason.
If i missed any, let me know!

This mod does not edit sound files and should be compatible with anything that does not edit the same records.
Does not cover or affect Shouts.

I highly suggest you simply add the entries of this esp to a manually created merged patch so it doesn't take up an esp slot.

Just drop the esp in your Skyrim/Data folder and enable it via NMM or any other Mod Manager of your choice, as usual.

REQUIREMENTS (on top of the base game):
Dawnguard DLC.

The esp carries over the fixes made by the latest version of the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, but does not require it.

Silent Player SE - Combat-Out of Breath-Death

Made with TES5Edit 4.0.2