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A brand new sword and greatsword for your Skyrim game with multiple color options to choose from!

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Vandarian Sword is a mod that adds a new weapon to your game. It comes in two different variants with multiple colors, as well as a Greatsword and Longsword version.

It can be acquired in the following ways:
1. Using the console, type in "help: "Vandarian"" and each weapon will display. Then type; "player.additem xxxx" where xxxx is the Id listed beside the item.
2. Craft the weapons at a forge. You will need the Ebony Smithing perk in order to do so.

All in One:

This option includes every color of the weapon in a single .esp. The weapons can still be crafted at a forge, but different colors require different recipes.
  • Brown: 2 Steel Ingots, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 leather strips
  • Black: +1 Frostbite Venom
  • Red: + 1 Red Mountain Flower
  • Blue: +1 Blue Mountain Flower
  • Purple: +1 Purple Mountain Flower
  • Yellow: +1 Honeycomb

Single Selection:

This download option includes the black version of the sword in all 4 variants. It can be crafted in the standard way at a forge. To change the color, download the different color option in the option download section. This will replace the black color with your selected color. The crafting recipe will not change.

This should be compatible with everything.

Drop the files into your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Delete the files from your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Q: What are the four variants?
A: Other than the obvious color changes, there is a change to the hilt of the weapon. The images above show the two different hilts. Other than that, there is a Longsword variant and a Greatsword variant.

Q: Can I download both the 'Single Selection' and 'All in One!'?
A: No, they are not compatible with each other. There isn't any reason to download both.

Q: Can you make this weapon more powerful?
A: No. It is already on par with deadric weapons.

Q: How do I get the weapon in game?
A: Approach any forge and as long as you have the 'Ebony Smithing' perk, the recipe will be available.   

Q: How do the alternate textures work?
        A: It's already set up for you! Just download the color you want and install it over the main file!

Q: What is the Temper Patch?
A: The temper patch is a replacement .esp that fixes the main files so the weapon can be upgraded at a grindstone. This is a patch and therefore requires that the main file (either Single Selection or All in One) be installed first.

Q: What is the texture quality? And is there a different option?
A: The default textures are ~4K. If you want smaller textures, a 2K version is available in the miscellaneous download section.

Credits and Thanks:
Bethesda for Skyrim
Substance Painter
Everyone who reads my stories! Thanks for the support over the last two years. I couldn't have made it without you guys.

Do NOT upload this anywhere without permission.
NONE of this mod's assets can be used in paid mods. 

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