7 years of Skyrim  - Set 5

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Another day as it gets closer to the 11th of November  :D

Some more scenery and characters

 Characters in order


  1. toorhum
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    excellent set
  2. frank213
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    I'm absolutely impressed with your sets for Skyrim's birthday. Tomorrow the game will be 7 years old and it still captivates you. Class Quinten.
    1. Darksaber87
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      Thanks, Frank. Yup tomorrow will be the last set.
  3. SomewhatWindy
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    It is really a cool thing if you can pick your best shots from the past years and put them after eachother,..
    Very cool set with yet another character I've not seen before,.. the dark elf from the last two images is unknown to me,..
    I do remember the style of photography you had back then,...
    The red eyed Lady is also an awesome pic,.. well,.. as I said, they all are
    1. Darksaber87
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      Yeah it is always fun to go through my images and pick some

      As for Skadi well she is Jötunn I used a bit of fantasy inspiration cause Jötunns are unknown all we know about them from Norse myth is they are Ice Giants. Skadi is the Goddess of Winter and Mountains I used the look of Jötunns from Marvel in terms of skin color cause I think they did a good job with the blue skin

      Thanks again Erwin and glad you enjoyed the images.