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So what would you like to know?

I am a nerd, geek, computer guy, screenarcher, crappy writer and a gamer.

I write mostly about my own little fantasy world I created combining ES lore with my own twist on things, mostly with romantic undertones and vampires. I take screenshots of the various games I play mostly Skyrim and Fallout 4



My main characters: Skyrim                   My main Characters: Fallout 4

Vampires: Richter and Seras                  Mercs: Tyler and Winry

DB: Viktor and Eavan                          Gunslingers: Arthur and Sadie

Vampire Hunter: Maria Belmont               Institute Ops: Viktor and Lilly  

Stormcloaks: Gianna and Edgar                MM: Rose

                                                 Wastelander: Billie


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