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    Weapons & Armor Fixes - Crafting Categories


    Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade makes several changes to the crafting categories to help organize and declutter the crafting menus.  Some of the items listed below cannot be crafted in the vanilla game. This mod does not add new recipes, so other mods that do add recipes may potentially relocate the armors into other categories.

    • FACTION:  The "Imperial" category in the crafting menu is now named "Faction" and all faction armors & weapons will appear here (assuming they have crafting recipes and appropriate keywords).  Faction gear now included in this category are: Imperial, Stormcloak, city guards, Forsworn, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Wolf Armor, Blades, and Nightingale.
    • HIDE:  Studded Armor has been relocated to the Hide category as in appearance, stats, and lore this is merely an upgraded form of hide armor. Likewise, Scaled Armor has also been moved into the Hide category, as again it is an improved version of hide (it still requires the Advanced Armors perk to construct it).
    • CLOTHING:  The newly vacated "Studded" category has been renamed "Clothing" and will now contain any recipes for items with the keyword ArmorClothing.
    • SILVER:  In addition, a new "Silver" category has been created for silver weapons. While there are only two silver weapons in the vanilla game, they never felt like they really belonged in any of the other categories, and many mods add Silver weapons. So the new category should help give these items a proper place to sort.
    • NORDIC:  The "Ancient Nord" category has now been combined with the "Nordic" category added by Dragonborn. This category will now be available regardless of whether or not you have Dragonborn installed.
    • CHITIN:  Falmer items now sort into the "Chitin" category. This category can now be made available regardless of whether or not you have Dragonborn installed.

    In many cases, the category changes made by WAF will apply automatically to any mod-added items, provided they have been given the correct vanilla keywords.  However, in order to ensure full consistency with the WAF changes, there are a few keyword changes that modders should be aware of.  The following are the new or altered categories and the keywords that can be used to sort your items into those categories.

    • WAF_MaterialFaction
    • ArmorMaterialImperialLight
    • ArmorMaterialImperialHeavy
    • ArmorMaterialStormcloak                         

    • WeapMaterialFalmer
    • WAF_MaterialChitin

    • WeapMaterialDraugr
    • WeapMaterialDraugrHoned
    • WAF_MaterialNordic                        

    • DLC2ArmorMaterialBonemoldHeavy
    • WAF_MaterialBonemold                  

    • ArmorClothing                          

    • WeapMaterialSilver                       

    • WAF_ClothingAccessories
    • WAF_ClothingPouch
    TOOLS & MATERIALS - This category relies on Clothing & Clutter Fixes
    • WAF_ToolsMaterials           

    All of the WAF keywords are injected records, which means you can add them to your mod without requiring Weapons and Armor Fixes as a master file.  See the article on Integrated Compatibility for more information about using this keywords.