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    Weapons & Armor Fixes - List of Changes


    The following is a small sample of the changes made by Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade.  I've tried to list the more significant changes, as well as providing an overview of the different types of changes made by this mod.

    • Bash and Block data still needed to be fixed for many items. For example, Heavy shields with Light shield data. Likewise there were a lot of instances where the Equip/Unequip sounds, Critical Damage, Stagger, Reach, and other stats were incorrect for a particular weapon.
    • Ancient Nord armor is no longer tied to the daedric perk. The Matching Set perk and the Fists of Steel perk will now also apply properly to this armor.
    • The 1.9 patch corrects many of the armor sets missing from the Matching Set perks. However, it still omits a few sets. The following sets now apply for the Matching Set perk: Fur Armor, Wolf Armor, Linwe's Armor, Summerset Shadows Armor, and Skaal armor (DB).
    • Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets have been added to the Fists of Steel perk.
    • Matching Set perks for Dawnguard armors now give the correct 25% bonus, rather than 20%.
    • Matching Set perks for Dragonborn armors now give the correct 25% bonus, rather than 20%.
    • Nordic & Stalhrim axes now benefit from the Limbsplitter and Hack & Slash perks.
    • Forsworn Axe & Briarheart Geis now benefit from the Hack & Slash perk.
    • Both Dawnguard and Dragonborn were making changes to the Hack & Slash perk. These changes were conflicting if both DLCs were installed. I've combined the edits, so the changes will now carry through if you have both DLCs.
    • Some previously un-playable armors have been made playable, such as Thieves Guild armor worn by generic thieves, Worn Shrouded Armor worn by Dark Brotherhood Assassins, and Summerset Shadows armor. This was done very selectively and unplayable armors worn by ghosts, dremora, or unique NPCs has been left inaccessible for reasons of either balance or realism.
    • Various "Boots of Muffling" and "Helmets of Waterbreathing" (Chitin Heavy, Nordic, Stalhrim Heavy, Stalhrim Light) from the Dragonborn DLC have been added to the appropriate leveled lists. These items existed in the CK but hadn't been correctly added to the leveled lists, so they would never appear in game.
    • Corrected the Dragonborn shield leveled lists. Bonemold and Nordic shields were on the light shield lists, and Chitin and Stalhrim had been placed in the heavy shield lists.

    • Some items have been renamed for easier sorting or to make it easier to recognize which set they belong to. For example, Fur Boots and Fur Gauntlets were part of the Stormcloak set and not part of the Fur armor set. These are now called Fur Guard's Boots and Fur Guard's Gauntlets, and will apply to both the Stormcloak and the Fur matching sets.
    • Where I felt that the in-game appearance of an item deemed it appropriate, I've renamed certain "bracers" to "gauntlets." For example, all Dwarven Bracers are now Dwarven Gauntlets.
    • Hooded robes have been renamed to indicate that they are hooded varieties.
    • Imperial light armor is now called "Imperial Light Armor."
    • Studded Imperial Armor was renamed "Imperial Studded Armor" to allow it to sort alongside other Imperial gear.
    • Enchanted Chitin & Stalhrim armors were renamed to distinguish between Light and Heavy versions.
    • Renamed "Nordic Carved" to "Nordic" as this is consistent with the way the Nordic weapons and the enchanted Nordic armors are named.
    • Several obviously mis-named items have been corrected. For example "Ring of Minor Striking" is now "Ring of Minor Sure Grip."
    • Corrected Fortify Light Armor items that were mis-named "of the...Knight" to "of the...Squire."
    • Falmer Heavy armors renamed "Falmer Hardened"; Falmer Hardened armors renamed "Falmer Heavy" so that Hardened is now a higher ranked armor than Heavy.
    • Changed the name of "Ancient Falmer" armors to "Snow Elf" armor as this name is more appropriate given the way these terms are used both in game and in lore.

    • Glass Greatswords now weigh 21 instead of 22.
    • Orcish Battleaxes now weigh 22 instead of 25.
    • Ebony maces now have a base damage of 15 instead of 16.
    • Ebony war axes now have a base damage of 14 instead of 15.
    • Daedric daggers now weigh 5.5 instead of 6.0.
    • All greatswords now have a speed of 0.8, which better fits the pattern created by the other weapon speeds.
    • Pickaxes now have a speed of 0.9, consistent with other axes.
    • Imperial equipment has been re-priced to match the value of equivalent steel items.
    • All amulets now weigh 0.5. Most necklaces already weighed 0.5 but some, like amulets of the divines, weighed twice as much. Their weight will now be consistent.
    • Skyforge Steel & Nord Hero items now have a much higher value that is more fitting to their properties as well as their presumed desirability.
    • The prices for all Wolf armor has been increased. It was originally valued closer to iron, but it's stats are somewhat better than steel. The price now better reflects its stats.
    • The different variations of the Thieves Guild armors (including Linwe & Summerset Shadows) can now be mixed and matched and still qualify for the Matching Set bonus (this is consistent with how other faction armors, such as the Shrouded Armor variants, are handled).
    • The bleeding damage applied by the Hack & Slash and Limbsplitter perks has been tweaked for consistency (the values used by these perks were really inconsistent and did not follow any sort of logical progression). Both perks now apply all damage over a 3 second duration with an increasing magnitude depending on weapon material. The new scaled damage values slightly increase the maximum damage achievable from this perk, but not enough to significantly alter gameplay. Dragon and Daedric weapons now do different amounts of bleeding damage based on their rank, just like the other weapon materials.
    • Rare and/or unique items now have values much more fitting to their status (though there shouldn't be anything too outrageous). Honestly, I think Daedric artifacts should be valued, much, much higher, but the purpose of this mod is to make values consistent with the conventions already established by the vanilla game, so I've not strayed far from this. Very simply, many of the daedric artifacts had extremely low base prices (Dawnbreaker had a base price of just 10; the Sanguine Rose was valued at 5). The enchantment value then added to this base price. However, the vanilla convention for generic enchanted weapons is to have the base value equal to that of the unenchanted base weapon and the enchantment value is added on top of that base price. Therefore, I've tried to price most of the daedric artifacts to reflect this, with their base value being equivalent to what a similar item with the same basic properties would be. The enchantment value will then increase this cost further, as it would with any other generic magic item in the game.
    • Given their spectral nature, I decided to make the Drainblood Battleaxe & Drainheart sword silent. I suppose if you really want to sneak around with a battleaxe, this is the one for you.
    • Crossbows make a Normal amount of detectable noise (they are no longer silent like bows).
    • Vanilla Falmer armors have been changed to light armor. There is some indication that this may have been the original intention for this armor, and particularly with the addition of the Falmer Heavy armor added by the Dawnguard DLC, the original armor makes more sense as a light armor.