With Dienes help, the experimental patch has been made to actually work as advertised. If you're using it, please upgrade it and do a cell reset.

What is this patch?

There are a few known bad ASIS interactions with features from other mods, such as the Evil Twin spell in Apocalypse, and the Splinter Twins shout in Thunderchild. Additionally, it has been impossible to block extra spawns on the dragons spawned by Deadly Dragons "Assault" feature without blocking extra spawns on all other dragons and dragon priests. This patch is my attempt, with Dienes blessing, to address these issues.

How does it work?

When you run the ASIS patcher, it attaches a small script to every NPC record that runs every time that NPC is spawned. It checks against a list of criteria to see whether or not it should spawn another copy of that creature.

This patch slightly modifies that script to add a new criteria: It checks if the NPC that the script is considering spawning was spawned via a script itself - a "Dynamic Spawn", or if it's a Creation-Kit placed spawn, and tells it not to spawn additional copies of Dynamic Spawns.

All Dynamic Spawns have a Form ID beginning in "FF" - this is the prefix Skyrim reserves for objects created in-game, such as creature spawns or arrows you shoot. This new version of the script simply checks to make sure the creature being considered for extra spawns does not have a Form ID beginning in "FF."

What are the benefits?

Certain abilities, like Apocalypse Evil Twin spell, would cause ASIS to - and I must use a technical term here - go completely bugf*** crazylegs. In my control test, I managed to turn the 3 bandits at the end of Embershard Mine into 30+ in about ten seconds, just by keeping Evil Twin active. ASIS can't tell that the Actors created by Evil Twin aren't meant to be multiplied.

With this patch, abilities like Evil Twin function as intended.

What are the drawbacks?

Without this patch, ASIS can affect a few more Spawns, such as the Lurkers that rise from the deep during Dragonborn's main quest. ASIS also engages in "spawn chains": Extra spawns created by ASIS themselves have a chance to create extra spawns. (According to Dienes I was wrong about this.)

With this patch, enemies spawned by a script - including ASIS - will not themselves create extra spawns. To counteract this, you'll probably want to up the spawn rates you've been using, and even go a bit higher on the number of extra spawns you'll allow.

How do I use it?

Download it, and install it over ASIS 1.42.5. If you're using Mod Organizer, you can install it as a seperate mod and just place it below ASIS in the left-hand pane.

After this, do the following:

  • Go to a secluded interior (I use Anise's Cellar for this.)
  • Manually save your game in a new slot
  • Open the console and use the command PCB.
  • Now, In the console, type: set timescale to 1000000
  • Close the console.
  • Wait a few seconds until 31 in-game days have passed.
  • Open the console again and type set timescale to 20
  • Manually save your game again in another new slot.
  • Quit to desktop.
  • Now restart and load the last save.
  • This process forces everything that can respawn to respawn. I recommend doing it every time you rerun ASIS or any SkyProc patcher.

In closing...

I've tested this patch for about an hour, and everything seemed to function exactly as intended. Hopefully Dienes will be able to include it as an toggleable MCM option in a future version of ASIS.

I have disabled comments here because I totally forget to check them, sorry! Please put all comments on the mod's main comment thread! Thanks!

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