• Updating from ANY version: Make sure you empty out all displays, mannequins and storage, uninstall the previous version and save the game with out them, then install version 1.4. Not doing so will result in some parts of the manor not working correctly and you WILL lose most of your items. Once again sorry for making you empty out the house, this IS a work in progress.

    • Changed the location of Twiltic Manor, it is now located in the rift a bit North West of HeartWood Mill (see screenshots)
    • The outside look of the house has been changed, it is a lot bigger and looks a bit more like the inside (not completely)
    • The outside now has a horse stable, you horse will automaticaly wait for you in it when you fast travle to the manor
    • There are now cows, chickens and a tiny farm on the side of the manor.
    • Added a side entrance in the kitchen
    • The player's room now has a door that leads to a patio on the roof of the house
    • Added displays for all 3 Elder Scrolls located in the main display room (one on each side of the room)
    • Started the process of changing the script for specific item displays to a much better one. At this moment only the Deadric Artifact Wall and the Dragon Claw Wall have been updated, a later version of the manor will change ALL displays. This new script will automatically remove the item from your inventory and place it in a safe hidden chest (the chest is in the players room), then it will enable a static object that looks like the item. This will prevent items from falling off their displays and disapearing. If clicked again it will automatically give you the item with a single click.

    • Fixed a few broken book displays
    • Minor nav mesh fixes.
    • Fixed the Book Shelves that didn't work in the player's room.

    The manor is now compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions
    • This will allow you to move your Hearthfire family into the house.
    • Added more seats to the dining table.
    • Childrens room now has 6 beds.
    • Added a lot of idle markers for the family.

    [size=5]Dragonborn Display Room

    Finally after months of being busy I had time to finish the Dragonborn Display Room.

    The Dragonborn Display room has the following

    Mannequins for Armors
    • Bonemold Armor
    • Chintin Armor/Morag Tong Armor
    • Nordic Carved Armor
    • Deathbrand/Stalhrim Heavy/Light Armor
    • Skaal Armor
    • Blackguard Armor

    Mask Displays
    • Miraak Mask Display
    • Dukaan Mask Display
    • Zahkriisos Mask Display
    • Ahzidal Mask Display

    Miraak Items
    • Miraak's Robes Display
    • Miraak's Boots Display
    • Miraak's Gloves Display
    • Miraak's Staff Display
    • Miraak's Sword Display

    Weapon Displays
    • Stormfang Display
    • Champion's Cudgel Display
    • Bloodscythe Display
    • Soulrender Display
    • Dwarven Black Bow of Fate Display
    • Blookskal Blade Display
    • Nordic Pickaxe/Hoarfrost

    Other Displays
    • Control Cube Display (5 Cubes)(See Screen Shots)
    • Black Book Displays (7 books)(See Screen Shots)

Sorry this update took so long to release, was a bit busy working on other things. Not sure when the next update will be done but I'll start working on it soon. Like always, feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, endorse etc etc

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