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House for Epic Item Collection. Work in progress. Now with Dawnguard Display Room!!!

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For a full list of features click here

Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. All feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, endorse, etc etc

HearthFire Family
You can now move your Hearthfire Family into Twiltic Manor by using Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Simply bless Twiltic Manor with the Bless Home skill, then go to your spouse and move your family in.

Change Log


    Welcome to Twiltic Manor. Here you will find everything you need with out all the little annoying stuff you find in most custom houses. If you are a fan of collecting items then welcome home. Twiltic Manor has so much room for collection, you wont know what to do with it all. It also has display areas for specific items and factions.

    Here is a quick summary of what the manor has, for a full list of features click here

    • Display room for items obtained in the Dragonborn DLC (Version 1.4)
    • Display room for items obtained in the Dawnguard DLC (Version 1.3)
    • Guest room to house all your favorite followers (Version 1.2.5, see recommended mods)
    • Display rooms for The Companions, The Dark Brotherhood, The Thieves Guild, and The College of Winterhold. (Version 1.2)
    • Teleport skill that can be used once a day to teleport to the house
    • 29 mannequins
    • 55 weapon racks
    • 8 Shield Racks
    • 15 Weapon Plaques
    • 23 Weapon Display Cases
    • Over 16 Dagger Display Cases
    • 10 Circlet Displays
    • Claw Display for all 10 Dragon Claws
    • Elder Scroll Displays
    • Horse Stable
    • Small Farm
    • Dragon Priest Masks Displays, including wooden mask
    • Deadric Artifact Display Wall (for all artifacts except Skeleton key)
    • A big kitchen with a lot of respawnable ingredients
    • Alchemy/Enchanting/Smithing room with a lot of respawn-able ingredients (Basically a modified Hearthfire cellar)
    • Lots of Book Shelfs
    • A big player room with a map that teleports you to the main towns
    • Lots of Storage Space

    Future Plans:

    Minor Bug Fixes
    If you have any suggestions let me know. Could use some ideas

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[size=10]Trouble Shooting[/size]

Floating Grass

If you see floating grass in the outside of the manor follow the following steps to fix it.
Open both Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini using notepad(by default they are located in C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsMy GamesSkyrim)
Once opened, search for [Grass] by clicking CTRL + F
Then add/alter the following entries

Then save both files and run the game

If you do not have a [Grass] section in your ini files simple add the following to the bottom of the file


All feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, endorse, etc etc