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    Cannabis Skyrim #1 on anothercastle's "Top Five Necessary Unnecessary Skyrim Mods"

    Finally you can combine both of your favorite past times – Killing the Dragon and Riding the Dragon – with this surprisingly immersive mod.

    It adds several blends of Tamriel Weed each with their own specific effects (think 7 or 8 potions combined into one elves-ear blunt). Not only that but you can plant and grow your own using ingredients and items found at “Your Highness” – Skyrim’s oldest and most-respected head shop.

    That plus it adds craftable pipes and paraphernalia to your Smithing menu.

    Grind your smithing levels the way god intended…crafting a Dragonbong for your Dragonborn.

    The link to the original article has been removed due to complaints about nudity.

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