• Updating from ANY version: Make sure you empty out all displays, mannequins and storage, uninstall the previous version and save the game with out them, then install version 1.3. Not doing so will result in some parts of the manor not working correctly and you WILL lose most of your items. Once again sorry for making you empty out the house, this IS a work in progress.

    • Fixed Nav Mesh heading to the Guest Room, all followers should follow you inside.
    • Fixed nav mesh heading to the second floor of the armory.
    • Fixed the Book Shelves that didn't work in the player's room.
    • Fixed the map encounter zone and reset, this should also prevent mannequins and other objects from reseting or removing armor.

    I decided to integrate Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix into Twiltic Manor. This will only effect the mannequins in the manor, non of the vanilla mannequins will be effected by this. This should fix the problem with the mannequins going nude for no reason from time to time. But like I mentioned before I myself haven't ran into that problem so i cant be 100% sure that it is fixed. Let me know if it helps.

    Dawnguard Display Room

    After hours of replaying the game and doing both sides of the Dawnguard DLC, I finaly finished the Dawnguard Display Room. Here you will be able to display items obtained by playing either of the Quest lines. This new room is located below the Armory and can be accessed via some stairs on the right side of the Armory. Here are the following items that can be displayed in the Dawnguard Display Room.

    Misc Iems
    • Arvak's Skull
    • Draw Knife
    • Canticle Bark
    • Initiate's Ewer
    • All 5 Paragons

    • Staff of Ruunvald
    • Harkan's Sword
    • Dawnguard War Axe/Dawnguard Rune War Axe
    • Dawnguard Warhammer/Dawnguard Rune Warhammer
    • Any CrossBow
    • Auriel's Bow
    • Zephyr
    • Aetherial Staff/Aetherial Shield/Aetherial Crown

    • Dawnguard Shield/Dawnguard Rune Shield
    • Auriel's Shield

    I added 5 mannequins to the room for the following armors.
    • Dawnguard Armor/Dawnguard Heavy Armor
    • Vampire Armor
    • Ancient Falmer Armor
    • Vampire Royal Armor
    • Falmer Heavy Armor/Falmer Hardened Armor

You will also find a locked door in this room. Which will remain locked 'till i release 1.4. This room will serve as a the Dragonborn DLC Display Room. Sorry this update took so long to release, was a bit busy working on other things. Not sure when the next update will be done but I'll start working on it soon. Like always, feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, endorse etc etc

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