• Updating from 1.0 or 1.1: Make sure you empty out all displays, mannequins and storage, uninstall the previous version and save the game with out them, then install version 1.2.5. Not doing so will result in some parts of the manor not working correctly.
    • Updating from 1.2: All you have to do is empty the Thieves Guild mannequins and weapon displays (DO NOT MOVE THE TROPHY DISPLAYS) save the game and update to v1.2.5. No need to uninstall.

    I decided to do a few fixes and adjustments before I started doing the Dawnguard quest lines. It will take a little long since I have to do both sides and make sure I dont miss any items. Anyways, here are the changes for 1.2.5.
    • Added an extra mannequin to the Thieves Guild display area for the Linwe's Armor
    • Changed the location of the house closer to Honningbrew Meadery closer to the road coming from Riverwood. (see new screen shot)
    • Decorated the outside of the house.
    • Improved the stairs to the basement
    • Replaced a few more walls around the house.
    • Removed the stairs heading to the second floor on the right side of the entrance.
    • The Twiltic Manor Teleport skill now gives you 5 options where to teleport to inside the manor. (Entrance, Armory, Basement, Bedroom, Guest Room)
    • Added a "Guest Room" as requested by twisted630 on the comment sections. Here you can use other mods to keep your followers here. Here you will find a kitchen with a big table and 8 beds to house all your favorite followers in one place.
    • Improved the navmesh in the basement so that followers wont block your way when exiting the blacksmithing room.

Next update should contain the dawnguard display room. Sorry its taking so long. Like always, feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, endorse etc etc

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