BEFORE UPDATING: Make sure you empty out all displays, mannequins and storage, uninstall version 1 save your game WITH OUT version 1, then install version 1.1. Not doing so will result in some parts of the manor not working correctly.

After receiving some feedback from everyone I decided to fix a few things. So here is the list of things that were fixed.

    • Remade the Dragon Priest Mask display. Masks will no longer disappear
    • All book cases are now empty and can be activated to place your own books
    • Fixed many (if not all) of the overlapping walls that caused some weird texture bug
    • Replaced all of the lighting with darker lights. This will fix the problem with floors and objects flickering, for the most part.
    • Added the missing Masque of Clavicus Vile Display to the Deadric Artifact Display Wall. See screenshots to see where the mask goes.
    • Added a few more alchemy ingredients in the alchemy room.
    • Replaced some of the ceilings and walls around the house
    • Moved a few display cases so they no longer clip with walls and other objects
    • Fixed some of the mannequins that were not working
    • Removed the iron shields and great-swords that spawned in the shield plaques.
    • Fixed some of the weapon plaques that were not working correctly
    • Fixed all custom displays that said "Chest" when opening them. They will now say what type of display they are.

Like always, feedback/suggestions/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Leave a comment, endorse etc etc

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