v1.1.0 2013-3-31

+1hm part
*Correct miss packaging of 1hm_runRight.HkX

+Magic part
*compatible with Long casting spells (Practically, compatible with SkyRe)
+Added true turn animation
+Added overlooked files, tuned some animations' length
-Deleted mRh_preReady.HkX

v1.0.0 2013-3-26 (Nexus Release)

+Mt part
+Added Sneak

+1hm part
+Added Turn
+Added Equip, Unequip
+Added Sneak
+Added Walk
+Added Run(except back)
+Added Sprint
+Added Attack Right

+Magic part
+Added Turn(fake)
+Added Equip, Unequip
+Added Walk, Casting Walk
+Added Run(except back)
+Added Sprint
+Added Casting Turn
+Added Casting Walk
+Added Casting Run(except back, left, right)
+Added Self casting
+Added Self dual casting
+Added Ward casting
+Added Aiming casting
+Added Projectile casting(Type A, B)
+Added Buff casting
+Added Master Spell casting(except Lightning Storm)

v0.1.0 2013-2-27 (Initial Release)
+Added mt_idle.HkX
+Added 1hm_idle.HkX
+Added mlh_idle.HkX
+Added mrh_idle.HkX

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  1. Neverhope
    • member
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    do i miss something? there is no animation running with spells, the arms doesn't move
  2. HadesHimself
    • member
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    Could you add back the snapping sound effect as optional?