.: The Oil System :.

'The Oil System' was something I dreamt up while walking to work one day. I was trying to figure out how to stop the player just using the effects of the items, without consequence, whenever they liked. I wanted it to be something like the current vanilla enchanting system, something that will run out over extended use. I knew this system currently only works for weapons/staffs, and not on armour pieces, so I couldn't just use that. I had to think... a lot...

This lead me to the idea of 'The Oil System'. A text-based enchanting system if you will. It works exactly the same as the vanilla games enchanting system, but the usage bars are text-based. This is all done within SkyUI's 'Mod Configuration Menu'. So if you use this mod without that, you're gonna have a bad time.

So here's how it works. At the top you will see the Oil Levels menu screen, this is what you have to work with. By default, you start with 24% Oil in each of the Goggles and Scouter, enough to get you started when you first get the items. The Goggles and Scouters have Oil levels dependent on themselves. So if you run out of oil with the goggles, no problem, just use the scouter until you top up the oils for the goggles (and vice-versa). This leads me on to the next section...

.: Topping up the Oils :.

To top up the oils, you're going to need some 'Dwarven Oil' in your inventory. Without the Dwarven Oil, you're not going to be able to top the oil levels up. If you do have some Dwarven Oil on you, just select the 'Oil' option depending on which of the items you want oiled. If you want to oil the Goggles, select the 'Oil Dwemer Goggles' option under the Goggles section. The Oil levels will go back up to 100% and you will see the bar fill up! The same goes for the Scouters.
However, this is not the only way you can Oil the items. If one of the items has oil, but the other doesn't, you can transfer oils across from one another. Say you run out of oil for one of the items, but you don't have any Dwarven Oil on you, this may well buy you some time until you get some more. To do this however, you need to have both the Goggles and Scouter in your inventory. You can even select the amount to transfer across, instead of just emptying one into the other.
You can transfer oil between the two items at any time, providing you have the oil to transfer in the first place.
You can't fill the items up over the allotted amount of 100. Each administration of Dwarven Oil will set the oil levels back to 100%, even if you use them at 99%.

.: Oil Costs :.

Each of the effects use a certain amount of oil on each activation, they each have there own usage value that chips into the oil levels. Once the oil reaches 0%, the effects will no longer function. The Oil costs are as follows:

  • Detect Life: 0.05 per second
  • Dwemer Sight: 1
  • Night Eye: 1
  • Threat Assess: 1
  • Dwemer Perception: 10
  • Goggles Zoom: 2
  • Goggles Light: 1

As you can see, the Detect Life effect is the only effect that uses Oil over time (while the effect is active). On a full Oil gauge you can run the Detect Life effect for 30mins straight. The other effects use oil only when they are activated, so use them sparingly.

.: Upgrading the Oil Capacity :.

If you feel the amount of oil is insufficient for you, or you find yourself using way to much Dwarven Oil, you can DOUBLE the amount of oil the items can hold. This can only be done by spending a 'Perk Point' on them. Much like you would spend a perk point upgrading your archery skills, you can spend one to double the oil capacity for either of the items. When you do this, you will see a new second bar will appear below the first one and you will get a FULL oil refill for that item. Of course, each item uses its own oil gauge, so to double both oil gauges, you need to spend two perk points in total.
When you spend a point to upgrade the oils, the oil levels will then reach 200%. This will allow you to run Detect Life for an hour and make the items last longer overall. When you use Dwarven Oil on an upgraded oil gauge, it will fill it to maximum capacity each time. You would then only need 1 Dwarven Oil to fill an empty gauge back to 200%.

.: Disabling The Oil System :.

If this all feels a bit too much for you, or you simply don't care about The Oil System (SHAME ON YOU), you can in fact turn it off completely. To do this, go over to the General section of the mods MCM menu, and uncheck the 'Use Oil System' option. If you do this however, you are a bad person and you should feel bad.

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  1. Pokegirl555
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    I know I'm coming into this late,but I just started Playing Skyrim on Steam,and I can't find the SkyUI mod,even by searching,and when I clicked your link on the page,it took me to an empty page,making me think the needed mod doesn't exist anymore,and if it doesn't ,am I SOL on recharging my scouter?
  2. Mizuki13
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Must I use SKYUI or does it work without it? I hate the way the SKYUI messes up the inventory so if I could use it without it that would be great?
    1. volvaga0
      • supporter
      • 1,082 posts
      • 316 kudos
      you can install SkyUI to get MCM and there is another mod from the same people who then revert the inventory back to vanilla. It's called SkyUI-AWAY:
    2. ShadowOfGodless
      • member
      • 145 posts
      • 6 kudos
      What the f***? "Messes up the inventory"? Are you insane?
    3. eklatea
      • member
      • 28 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I think the SKY-UI is something not everyone likes. I personally hate it, it's way too much. I like the vanilla menu and was happy to see that something like SkyUI-Away exists. It a form of personal taste. I don't want an overloaded UI, I like to scroll more.
  3. laundrypirate
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Can't seem to re-oil on the XB1 version of SE. As there's no SKSE or SKYUI on XB1, is it possible to add a way to remove the oiling system another way?
  4. AlarictheVisgoth
    • member
    • 1,330 posts
    • 13 kudos
    Final bit of thread spam:

    If you're taking suggestions for this mod, here's my 2cents: adding a renewable source to obtain the oil. For example, (from easiest to hardest):

    *adding a craftable recipe to make Dwemer oil at the cooking pot and/or forge. This would probably be the easiest way.

    *adding a respawnable container to Calcermo's museum area. Perhaps make the amount of oil obtained more or less depending on the frequency of respwan time.

    *adding an NPC vendor(s) to lore specific areas in Markath (or within the vicinity of Calcermo's study area)

    *increasing the probability vanilla shopkeepers offer/sell Dwemer oil supplies. Or increase the number of oil drops in the Dwemer centurion etc. death list? Or perhaps add this item to Khajiit vendor lists.

    *add a script to Calcermo? to sell oil supplies (although it would be somewhat illogical for him to want to part with any of the Dwemer treasure he's been hording in his museum)

    Regardless of these nitpicking tweaks, this is one amazing mod. Thanks for all the attention to detail on this and keep up the great work!
    1. NoviKey
      • member
      • 68 posts
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      I'm just going to say this, cause what you just said is bugging my like an itch; how the HELL can you cook OIL!? How the HELL can you FORGE LIQUIDS?

      *looks at wikia* Oh, quicksilver. Well, screw it. Skyrim.

      B*tching aside, the mod is amazing, hope volvaga0 keeps supporting his mods!
  5. mzlink
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    • 2 posts
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    great mod ... but i find it tiring to go to mcm just to refill the oil .... could you make it into a spell? you know shout spells that would open up a menu or something, directly unto the oil system ... that would make things more convenient...
  6. shadowkingsk9th
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    so after a wile of use the item wouldn't show as equipped. dose this have to do with quest line conflicts?
  7. XDpro3D
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    • 7 posts
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    I love the mod I really do I do have Sky UI and SKSE up to date to the latest versions. The only Issue I'm having is getting into the MCM on SkyUI to refill my goggles. The MCM doesn't even want the show the mods menu on it so I can't refill my goggles.

    What should I do to fix the Issue?
  8. Avastgard
    • supporter
    • 3,108 posts
    • 30 kudos
    One of my all time favorite mods.

    I jus think that, for immersion's sake, all of the effects should cost oil over time, and not just when you turn them on (obvious exceptions to this would be Dwemer Perception and Zoom). Having an infinite light breaks the immersion.
  9. shamankorzara
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    • 11 posts
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    "If you do this however, you are a bad person and you should feel bad." XD too funny!
  10. Ratheden
    • member
    • 107 posts
    • 1 kudos
    This mod is awesome, and IMO lore friendly. The oil system works well, except for the rarity of oil.

    Any addition to the mod to make oil a bit more available would be great.

    Thank You for a great mod.