Seranas Payback

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For Script to translate, see the first comment below.

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  1. jefthereaper
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    Lol, that seriously was the location that gave the biggest disapointment for me for the dawnguard DLC.

    I spend 10 hours looking for those darned soul gem shards (back then there was no wiki info on it yet as the DLC was only out for so short)

    then I finally get back there, find out I can put the shards there, and I get to face

    Then I find out the reaper was just made by Bethesda from chunks of junk by mixing together a male nord with a skeleton mesh in a executioner's outfit that vomits slime... WHUT?! His appearance did not even blend in to the soul cairn theme XD
  2. aok
    • premium
    • 15,719 posts
    • 151 kudos
    LMAO! "Keep going"
  3. Bushhog
    • premium
    • 637 posts
    • 6 kudos
    I love just how conspicuous that key is in Serana's belt! Loving this!!
  4. Corfus
    • supporter
    • 17,893 posts
    • 258 kudos
    I have a real soft spot for the idiot elf, naughty Serana
  5. Kamikazekossori
    • member
    • 25,886 posts
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    Hehe, she did choose the right moment and place to give Idiot Elf a painful lesson, not that she will realize that is what is happening
  6. bohlingTVD
    • member
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    I hope, Elf will open the door before she is completely paralysed, but the key in Serana`s belt...i wonder...i wonder
    1. gucky2010
      • premium
      • 31,894 posts
      • 245 kudos
      i agree with heidi
  7. wraith132
    • supporter
    • 1,893 posts
    • 50 kudos
    Lol Nice one Reimar
  8. SydneyB
    • premium
    • 32,029 posts
    • 847 kudos
    Hahaha, Reimar XD
  9. derek98
    • member
    • 10,972 posts
    • 101 kudos
    Lmao! Nice one Reimar.
  10. Reimar67
    • premium
    • 7,341 posts
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    Script for Translation...
    Image = Seranas Payback
    Title = Serana saw the opportunity for some payback
    Serana = Just a little more to the left. OK. Stand there
    IdiotElf = OUCH. So how many times more before the door opens again?
    Serana = Keep going