Tears of Skyrim

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Neerah is soooo sad there is no real tears mod in Skyrim... ;-)

This is just a quick test of a "Tears WarPaint" I just found.

Not exactly what I need, but it is a start, and playing a bit more with color, transparency and lighting might get closer to "real" tears. But of course this is just a "flat" warpaint, a real "3d tears" mod would be way better...

See mod request thread and share your ideas!
Mod Request for "Tears of Skyrim"

(download link for the warpaint is in the thread as well)

(((and before you run off to download, click the freaking endorse button - not so much for my EGO - just a test shot anyways - , but to give this image and the mod request more visibility - thanks!)))


  1. Hirlok
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    Thanks for your kind words, friends!

    ...and now help me hunt down or make a real tears mod
    starting points in the mod request thread that is linked in the image description, incl. a real tears mod for Oblivion that would just need some porting and tweaking...
  2. fiszi
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    Wow, amazing idea! Why it haven't even popped up in my mind? Oh, I wish I could create textures...
    1. Hirlok
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      Yeah, lol, have been thinking about getting into modding myself for some time now, but just too lazy, aside from pushing around a few things in CK. Nifscope, texture baking, blahblahblah... beyond me. So guess I will have to live without tears and harps (two of the things I'm missing in Skyrim)
  3. PowerToDestroy
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    where is the download?
  4. wolfgrimdark
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    Wonderful Hirlok! Very creative and sorry I missed this!
  5. frank213
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    absolutely amazing
    very impressive
  6. Kayol
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    That's a start Actually, with proper lighting and camera angles it looks really nice! I was afraid it would give that "smeared mascara" effect, but it looks alright.

    But maybe, just maybe, good people of Nexus will come up with something better...? *hint hint*
  7. shane12353
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    Very cool