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A basic recolor theme based on the default compact option. It's easy on the eyes, and not too dull due to purple being a great color in general.

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Voidem, short for void theme. It sounds cool. It looks cool. It feels good, too. And that's about it. Not sure what wall of text I can type in here about a basic recolor, but I'll spare you all, and leave you to navigate to the download section so you can get this, apply it, and have your peace of mind.

To install it simply drop the folder found in RAR file in your Vortex themes folder. By default this path is in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\themes.

Now launch Vortex, and go to the themes tab under settings and select "Voidem". New looks should be applied. If not, apply the built in Vortex "compact" theme, then reapply "Voidem" afterwards.

If you don't want to go through with this, you can check the image section and click on the image called "Settings" which will have all settings for you to copy manually if you wish so.