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Adds support for Red Dead Redemption 2 to Vortex.

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This extension adds support for Red Dead Redemption 2 to Vortex.
You can use it to install plugins for script hook.
Asset mods and addons will be added as soon as the relevant tools (OpenIV) have been updated to support RDR2.

Script Hook RDR2 (by Alexander Blade) is required, the extension will guide you through the correct installation once you start managing the game inside Vortex.

How to install

This requires Vortex 1.1.0 or newer! To install, go to Extensions->Find More. Find this extension and click install.


We do not support using mods in multiplayer. We do not condone using mods in multiplayer.
Your account may be banned for using any mods in public multiplayer and there is nothing we can do about that.

If you do want to switch between modded singleplayer and unmodded multiplayer, do be careful that you deactivate mods before you start multiplayer.
Vortex will help you in two ways
a) When Vortex has modded your game, you should see the word "Modded" and a Vortex icon added to the game icon (in the lower left). If you see this, you still have mods installed. But: If you don't see it, you may still be running mods you installed outside Vortex!
b) Use Vortex to install scripthook. That way when you "Purge" mods within Vortex it will remove script hook from the game and in turn all scripts that depend on it.