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Allows using DLAA anti-aliasing, customizing DLSS scaling ratios, overriding DLSS DLL version, and choosing different DLSS3.1 presets.

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Wrapper DLL that can force DLAA onto DLSS-supported titles, along with tweaking scaling ratios & DLSS 3.1 presets.

Most titles that support DLSS2+ should hopefully work fine with this, but if you find any that don't, or have any other issues, feel free to post in the github issue tracker, or make a post on this NexusMods page.

If the tweaks helped improve your experience consider buying a coffee to support future development & help obtain more games to test with. Thank you!

DLSSTweaks releases preconfigured for certain games can be found at the following links.
(these releases can usually be installed via mod-managers fine):

# Setup

For the majority of games these steps should let you apply DLSSTweaks fine, but if you have issues you can try following the Advanced Setup section below.

  • Download the ZIP from the files section, and extract the contents next to the games main executable. (the executable may be buried inside some game folders, for UE4 games it's usually named something like "GameName-Win64-Shipping.exe").
  • Run the DLSSTweaksConfig.exe tool that was extracted - if necessary the tool will then prompt you & allow setting up the Nvidia signature override which is required for DLSSTweaks to load in.
  • Setup the tweaks you want inside the tool, eg. if you just want to force DLAA you can set it via the "ForceDLAA" setting - for more info about a certain tweak just click/hover it and details will be shown in the tool.
  • Save your changes, and try starting the game - if DLSSTweaks has loaded in then a dlsstweaks.log file should appear next to the game EXE.

# Advanced Setup

# nvngx.dll wrapping

Leaving the DLL filename as "nvngx.dll" will let it wrap the nvngx.dll DLSS module, this usually has the best chance of working with most games since it requires less code hooks to be applied on the game.

However this method will need a registry change to be applied first to stop DLSS from checking the nvngx.dll signature.

The DLSSTweaksConfig tool will prompt you if the registry change is needed, alternatively the included "EnableNvidiaSigOverride.reg" file can handle this for you (just double-click > Run > Yes to all prompts)

This registry change only affects Nvidia specific signature checks, not anything to do with Windows - if needed you can use the "DisableNvidiaSigOverride.reg" to remove the registry tweak too.

# Alternate DLL wrappers

If needed, an alternate wrapper method can be used by renaming the included nvngx.dll to one of the following names instead.

This method doesn't require any kind of registry tweak to be used, but will likely need some manual work to find the correct filename for the game.
(game releases listed above have already been configured with a working filename)

# Filenames supported by DLSSTweaks
  • XInput1_3.dll
  • XInput1_4.dll
  • XInput9_1_0.dll
  • dxgi.dll
  • XAPOFX1_5.dll
  • X3DAudio1_7.dll
  • winmm.dll
The dxgi/winmm/xinput filenames usually have the best success rate with different games - if you find any title that won't work with any of these please let me know so I can try adding support for it!

A list of games known to be compatible or not can be found on the github wiki: https://github.com/emoose/DLSSTweaks/wiki/Games

(it's not recommended to use this with online games, the way this applies code hooks is similar to how some game cheats work, so is very likely to be picked up by anticheats)

# Usage

The default dlsstweaks.ini won't apply any tweaks & must be edited first - descriptions of each tweak are shown in the config tool & listed in the INI.

If you just want to force DLAA, enabling the ForceDLAA option can make all DLSS levels act as DLAA instead, rendering at full-resolution with DLSS applied to it.
(note that this will have a performance impact if you're currently using DLSS, should have about the same performance as playing without DLSS enabled, but with the bonus of applying the awesome DLAA anti-aliasing on top of it)
The game might be changing mip bias depending on DLSS level too, so feel free to experiment with them.

If the performance hit from ForceDLAA is too high for you, you can also tweak the scaling ratios of the existing DLSS levels to allow getting a slight quality increase, without the full perf hit of using DLAA.

To verify whether the tweaks are active you can set OverrideDlssHud to 1 in the dlsstweaks.ini to make the DLSS on-screen display visible, there you can check the resolution/preset being used by it.

It's recommended to use this with DLSS 3.1.1+ DLL, so that the DLSSPresets section can be used (2.x should still work fine, but DLSSPresets won't have any effect)
You can find the latest DLSS DLLs at techpowerup: https://techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-dlss-dll

Please don't reupload this mod elsewhere - linking would be appreciated, so people can always find the latest version.

Source code is available on my github page: https://github.com/emoose/DLSSTweaks