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A better "Compact" theme that avoids the antipattern of things moving around when using the toolbar, and keeps the toolbar icons properly and consistently visible.

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Details in this thread - - but the overview and screenshot cover everything important.

I stole these un/installation instructions from Pickysaurus. If they're good, thank him. If not, blame me.  :)


Close Vortex before installing.

Open up "AppData\Roaming\Vortex\Themes".

Note: If you used Shared mode under Settings -> Vortex your themes folder will be C:\ProgramData\vortex\themes

Extract the archive including the "bettercompact/" folder itself into this directory.

Open Vortex and navigate to Settings -> Themes and select the "bettercompact" theme.


Ensure you change to a different theme than the one you wish to remove.

Close Vortex.

Open the themes folder.

Delete the "bettercompact" theme.