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Adds "See on Modmapper" buttons to Skyrim mods and plugins in Vortex which open the Modmapper web page for the mod or plugin.

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Adds "See on Modmapper" buttons to Skyrim mods and plugins in Vortex which open the Modmapper web page for the mod or plugin.

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Modmapper is a website that puts every Skyrim mod from Nexus Mods on an interactive map. Every cell in the game engine is displayed as a grid over top satellite images of the Skyrim game world. Each cell is colored from green to red representing the number of mods that edit the cell (red meaning the most number of edits). This heatmap gives the Skyrim modding community a new perspective on what parts of the game world are the most popular for modding and which areas are most neglected.

Clicking on a cell on the map will open a panel showing every mod that edits the cell sorted by most popular mods first.

Each mod in the list is a link, clicking on a mod will show every cell on the map that the mod edits (across all versions of the mod).

You can also search for a mod by name or a cell by x and y coordinates in the search bar at the top.

Drag and drop your Skyrim Data folder onto the page and all of the cell edits across all of the loaded plugins will be highlighted on the map and any cells with multiple plugin edits will be highlighted in red to indicate a possible conflict. This works on plugins not even uploaded to Nexus Mods.

Additionally, you can drag and drop your plugins.txt to sort the plugins and automatically enable them based on your actual load order.

The heatmap, grid lines, and grid labels layers can all be toggled off with the buttons in the upper left corner. So, Modmapper can also serve as a great general purpose map of Skyrim using the high resolution satellite images created by the UESP team.

The Skyrim modding community has already found uses of the map to find conflicts between mods or to find untouched places for new mods.

The map is updated every day to show edits from new mods uploaded or updated on Nexus Mods.

All of the code for the project is open source:

* vortex-modmapper-integration: the vortex extension that displays "See on Modmapper" buttons for mods and plugins
* modmapper: program to automate downloading, extracting, and parsing plugins
* modmapper-web: website code for displaying the cell edits as a heatmap on a mapboxgl map
* skyrim-cell-dump: library for parsing Skyrim plugin files and extracting CELL data


Thanks to Pickysaurus for creating the initial Vortex extension and helping out with development
Thanks to the UESP team for creating the image tiles for the Skyrim map
Thanks to the Nexus Mods team for creating an easy to use API for downloading mod data