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Adds support for Valheim.

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This extension adds support for Valheim to Vortex enabling you to install and uninstall mods for the game. 

Vbuilds (pre-made structures/constructions) are also supported, but require BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) to be installed. Vortex will detect when BuildShare is needed and notify you, after which you can simply install it like any other mod.

New in 1.0.5:

World Saves can now be installed like any other mod but will require the mod Better Continents - Vortex will notify you of this requirement.

Note on uninstalling/removing new World Saves:

To remove worlds you will need to disable them in Vortex AND delete them via the ingame menu.

Known issues: due to a bug with the game/synchronisation of files, Valheim will reinstate .old files for World Saves even after they've been deleted when the game is launched and synchronisation in Steam is enabled (default). This is not a Vortex issue and will happen even if new worlds are installed/created manually. This is not a critical bug as it won't do any harm other than take up some extra space on your hard drive.

How to install

Simply select "Valheim" from the games list and download the extension through Vortex. (Requires Vortex 1.1.0 or newer).

If you have mods installed already

It is recommended to use this extension on a vanilla (unmodded) game installation of Valheim. However, if you have already installed mods using BepInEx or InSlimVML, there should not be any problems as long as you did not manually rename any of the BepInEx/InSlimVML or data folders in your Valheim directory.

Note on Valheim mods using InSlimVML

The following does not apply for the vast majority of Valheim mods which use BepInEx (rather than InSlimVML).

For mods requiring InSlimVML, please make sure you download and install it. This process works just like installing any other mod in Vortex. Vortex will notify you if it detects a mod that requires InSlimVML.

For mod authors:

If your mod is a plugin (rather than a vbuild) and needs InSlimVML, please give your plugin a name using a _VML suffix. For example, if your plugin is called MyMod.dll and it requires InSlimVML, please name it MyMod_VML.dll. Vortex will read the suffix and know the mod needs to be deployed differently than a BepInEx mod.

For users:

If you are using a mod requiring InSlimVML (that is not a vbuild) that does not have the _VML suffix (so the name of the mod plugin is something like MyMod.dll rather than MyMod_VML.dll), you will need to change the modtype in Vortex to ensure the mod is deployed correctly. As of now this is a very rare use case.

To change the modtype:

  • Open Vortex and select "MODS" in the side menu to bring up your mod list.
  • Double-click on the mod you want to change.
  • In the details panel that will pop up on the right side, scroll to the very bottom where you should see a "Mod Type" section with a dropdown.
  • Select "InSlimVML Mod" from the dropdown.
  • Deploy your mods (a notification should have been raised) via the notification or by clicking "Deploy Mods" in the toolbar.
  • That's it! Enjoy your mod!